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Braingle Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

This is the worst idea I have ever seen! And I elected Warren G. Harding for guff-sake!5
I am lukewarm to the idea. Perhaps if you included more flashing weasels....9
I like the idea but will watch from the sidelines. Because I don't have enough time to write three words.8
I don't like the idea but will watch from the sidelines. I enjoy roasting marshmallows on burning cars.5
I will attempt the game and look forward to a fun, silly tournament.51
I will play the game but take it so seriously that I will become mortal enemies with the player I lose to.19
It's been done before but it was fun before as well.5
It's been done before. And I hated it back then too.2
Game? I came here for an argument.9
You should be more serious with this game. Your teh reason Braingul is dieing!!!5
 Total Votes:118

Posts: 979

new Posted: 09:54PM Apr 6, 2010

Good game Psychic

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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 11:56PM Apr 6, 2010

Shadows v.s Stephie

1 - Stephie clutched a paper boomerang with sharp edges in her hand, aiming it in her mind as Shadows stood opposite, holding a shiny rapier. Stephie threw it at Shadows, who ducked under its path and charged forth, swinging furiously but chopping air. The swings were close, one even clipping part of Stephie's hair, but not close enough. Shadows stood there as if to build up an extremely powerful blast but she had forgotten about the boomerang and was cut at the knee, faltering. Stephie caught the boomerang and the two stood there glaring. Shadows stood up, fighting the pain, and ran forth with the blade. Stephie tossed the boomerang but to her surprise, Shadows focused and plowed straight through the boomerang, still not stopping. Noticing this destruction, Stephie started to run from the charging warrior.

2 - Stephie dodged an attack from the rapier, twirling in the air, but was unfortunately slashed on the leg, giving her a matching injury. Stephie rolled away from the enraged Shadows and watching her, worried, pulled out a long sheet of sturdy paper towels. As Shadows dashed forward again Stephie wrapped the paper roll around the rapier's handle and pulled it away, casting it into the sky. Weaponless, Shadows stopped in her tracks. Stephie snapped the paper roll against the ground as though it were a whip and then began chasing after Shadows, whipping the ground. Shadows kept her eyes ahead, trying to grab a hold of anything useful. She spotted a heavy boulder and without a second thought she picked it up and threw it back at Stephie. But she amazed to see Stephie's paper roll wrapped around the boulder and swinging it around. As Stephie let go, it flew upwards, the shadow hovering over Shadows. Shadows jumped out of the way, barely missing a terrible fate.

3 - Figuring that she had the match, Stephie confidently threw down the paper roll and picked up a long stone pole, then readied herself for a charge and a possible victory. Shadows stood her ground and pulled out her own stone poll. The two waited, focusing their energy and then erupted, swiftly running like bullets fired at each other. As they met a cloud of dust lifted, obscuring the victor. As the cloud cleared...

What's this? The fight isn't over yet ladies and gentlemen! Both of these fighters are still struggling for life. The match isn't over yet. It looks like it's going into sudden death! Each has one final move to make, whether rock, paper, or scissors, whatever they choose will decide who gets to be the Red Team Winner....

4 - Stephie struggles to reach for the final weapon, as does Shadows, both tired from the collision. She barely manages to hold it up when Shadows tosses her own final weapon, a sharp dart made out of paper. The dart is an inch away when, miraculously, Stephie manages to raise her metal sword up and deflect it. The dart is shattered and Shadows is out of weapons. In pure exhaustion she falls down, Stephie following suit, just barely making it through.

Stephie is the victor by a nose! Stephie is the Red Team Winner! Good game out there; very, very close!

---This message was edited on 06:06PM Apr 7, 2010---
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 06:27PM Apr 7, 2010

Okay guys, I hope you're up for it because here comes Round 2!

Round Two Battle Form

Good luck everyone! I will send out reminders after two hours have passed for all those who need it.
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Posts: 2801

new Posted: 09:50PM Apr 7, 2010

Hey, Roger, is there any way you could update the chart of contestants to show who lost and who continued on to the next round?

"You can't stop the pterodactyl. The pterodactyl does what the pterodactyl wants." - JMM
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 06:01AM Apr 8, 2010

I have done so and will do the same for this round's winners, once all are tallied up.

Gargph v.s Deepsea

1 - In hopes of catching her opponent off-guard, Gargph pulled out a similar large fan that she had used before. But as she did, she was surprised to see Deepsea surveying the weapon as though it were indeed only used to fight. Gargph had forgotten that Deepsea had used a fan of her own to win. Either way, she shrugged and ran forward with the fan in hand, swiping at Deepsea. Deepsea was able to successfully dodge the attacks, but she was also being blown around by the wind currents. She hadn't expected them to be so fierce and found herself falling back. Gargph jumped high up and as she fell she attacked numerous times, causing all sorts of immensely painful cuts. She swirled around in victory, but was taken by surprise when Deepsea plunged a long metal fork straight through the fan. It was clear that she had missed, and hadn't intended to skewer the fan.

2 - Recoiling quickly from the destruction of her fan, Gargph pulled out a pair of heavy brick blocks and clapped them together with a menacing smile. Deepsea did chuckle this time, the bricks were bulkier and would be harder to hit with, allowing her to make quick work of the fork. But things did not go quite as planned in reality. Gargph was still fast with these bricks and managed to dodge every cumbersome stab of the fork. The fork was too long and awkward. Finally, Gargph smacked the fork down with a block and then banged them together one each side of the fork. After a loud clang, Deepsea knew that her fork had been crunched by the sturdy bricks. Although it may have seemed crazy to do, Deepsea picked up a parasol made of paper and calmly twirled. Gargph was surprised and wondered whether she had given up or not. Surely even if she could block the bricks, they'd withstand better than a paper parasol. With this idea in mind Gargph began tossing the two at Deepsea, aiming for the parasol but missing. Deepsea merely stood there twisting the parasol and dodging the bricks. Each time she seemed to spin the parasol quicker though, which began to worry Gargph. A few more tosses later and Deepsea finally brought down the parasol and revealed its quickly spinning black and white pattern. The pattern was made in a way that it hypnotised Gargph into a trance-like state. Laughing, Deepsea walked over to her, picked up the bricks and threw them away.

3 - Deepsea was chuckling at the zombified Gargph when she noticed that Gargph's eyes began to circle around her environment: a clear sign of a return to consciousness. Deepsea acted quickly and grabbed the parasol, swirling it in front of her as fast as she could and it seemed to be working as Gargph's eyes glazed over again and her body swayed to and fro. Deepsea sighed a sigh of relief and continued to twirl the parasol as she went walked over. When she was close she swiftly swung the parasol, but was surprised when Gargph's arm grabbed it. She was smiling now. Apparently she had been faking the hypnosis since it had first worn off a few seconds ago, how crafty! In one quick move, Gargph cut the parasol to shreds with an oversized pair of scissors. Deepsea ran back and presented her own large, sharp fan. But her hands quivered knowing full well that scissors cut paper. Gargph walked slowly after Deepsea, like a cat stalking her prey. Deepsea backed up against a corner and readied her fan for a gust but just before she did Gargph began blinking too much. Something was wrong. Then a few steps later she dropped the scissors on the floor and then fell down herself. Deepsea was wary of her, wondering if it was another trap. But she could hear loud snoring. Apparently her hypnosis was an off and on thing, and just in time too. Careful not to have her opponent wake up with scissors in her hands, Deepsea pulled them away and declared herself the winner.

Deepsea is the winner! Deepsea is the Champion of the Earth! Congratulations and very nice game to her opponent.

Bradon v.s Wwestar

1 - Star starts out ferociously running at Bobbi with a huge sword and barely gives her time to even enter before she already has to try and dodge his attacks. Something tells her that he really wants to win. Bobbi wastes no time in doing a back flip backwards and kicking against the arena wall over Star's head, confusing him for a moment. It doesn't give her much time, but just enough to pull out her own sword to defend with. Star catches back up to her and they exchange slashes between dodging, neither one making a tear. But Bobbi has an idea of how to get an upper hand. She waits for Star to slash at her but this time instead of evading she blocks it with the sword and was about to try and knock the sword away from Star when his sword ripped right through hers. Bobbi was mortified to realize that she had been fighting with a paper sword against a real one, it looked so lifelike too. She shook it off, knowing that one false move might result in a loss, or worse, and immediately jumped around the arena searching for a substitute weapon.

2 - Ah! That will do nicely. Bobbi spies, conveniently placed in the corner of the arena, a very large boulder often used to chase archaeologists through perilous tombs. As Star saw her approach the boulder he stopped and stared up at it, wondering how anyone could be able to push that thing. But Bobbi knew a few tricks about fulcrums and could get that baby moving in oh ... just about ...a few seconds. As Star saw it come crashing after him, destroying his sword and other items in its path he had no choice but to run as fast as he could away from it. Bobbi watched gleefully, certain that there was no way out of this. And it seemed just so, as Star finally ran out of room, backed up against a wall. He only saw one crazy possibility and took it with no questions asked. He kicked against the wall and jumped on top of the boulder as it spun, just before it crashed against the wall. As it crashed, at a high speed, the boulder broke into a bunch of smaller segments and dropped Star onto the ground with a bad headache and a few bruises, but otherwise, nothing major. As he gets up he glares at Bobbi and, grabbing a heavy piece of the boulder, tosses it over to her. By this time Bobbi has a sword, a real sword, ready to block the stone. It hits the sword with a heavy impact, but crumbles before doing any major damage. A few more stones and Star is tired of this idea.

3 - Star pulls out his next weapon, which unfortunately for him happens to be a bunch of tissue paper strung together to form a sort of rope. He quivers knowing how futile it is. But he doesn't give up. Star lassos the rope around Bobbi's sword, and is almost able to pull it over, but she tugs at an angle and the rope tears. Star runs back over to his rocks and futilely throws them at Bobbi's sword. But once again this does nothing but give Bobbi target practice, she's unrelenting. Finally, Star picks up a rock that looks different from the others, a strange black rock with orange lava on it. Star isn't sure how it got here, but knows that if he were to hit anyone with it, it would surely hurt. He grabs it and throws it, burning his hand severely in the process, but nonetheless accurately aiming at Bobbi. Once more Bobbi blocks the stone, but this time the stone is so hot that its impact transfers immense heat across the sword that forces Bobbi to drop it immediately.

4 - Bobbi pulls out her last weapon, a small rusty dagger, and charges at Star. Star quickly looks around and picks up the only thing he can find: an old stone tablet lying on the ground. As the two struggle over the last throw-down Star somehow knocks Bobbi's dagger out of her hand and breaks off its grip. Star wins.

Star is the Champion of the Waves! Great game, you two!

Stephie v.s Swaff

1 - Stephie immediately begins the fight with no hesitation. She sports a large and heavy metal sword and shouts a shrill battle cry as she approaches. Swaff scrambles quickly in his pockets for something of use and turns up a long an shiny roll of wall paper. Not overly useful when someone's running at you with a sword. As she approached, he desperately threw out the paper hoping to stop her approach but Stephie simply cut the paper in half and continued forth. But then, for some odd reason she stopped in her tracks. Swaff wondered why this was and then realized that she was stuck to some of the wall paper that had fallen. Seeing her struggle to get away from it, he laughed and thought of a way to attack without getting too close to be slashed at. But as he thought he didn't notice that Stephie was already thinking up her own plan. She cut the paper she was standing on enough so that while she was still stuck to two squares of wall paper, she was free from the rest. She ran, somewhat awkwardly, towards him but Swaff fled. Annoyed, Stephie threw some of his own paper at him and hooked him onto it, pulling it towards her. When Swaff was close she slashed at the paper giving him a few minor cuts, but also setting him free.

2 - And as soon as he got free, he fled, searching for some way to defeat her. Aha! In the distance he sees a flat stone on the ground. As he ran to it he could see Stephie catching up, she was fast, he couldn't just throw it at her, she would surely block it. Instead he needed to think of a plan. He could almost feel the steel at his side, so he made a leap for the stone and swiftly hid it underneath his shirt. He rolled around and looked terrified as the blade cut deep and mercilessly into his chest. But Swaff was still breathing and indeed smiling. Surprised and frightened, Stephie stabbed him again, hoping to finish off the job but once more he felt nothing but a minor press. As she was busy being confused, Swaff grabbed the sword and threw it a long ways away. He got back up and proposed they fight honorably, without the sword. Stephie nods, but grins mischievously and jumps far away in the crowd's bleachers. Before he can ask what she is doing he is hit with a barrage of small paper shurikens. His stone plate takes most of the damage but he is a nicked a few times on his face and arms. He tries running after her but she simply runs to another distant area and resumes firing, slowly but surely chipping away at the stone and his health. The plate is too heavy to run with, it tires him out and slows him down. Swaff decides that he will never win this way and throws it down, asking the same from Stephie.

3 - His response is met with a reluctant agreement as Stephie jumps down closer to him, with the shurikens replaced with a steel katana. Swaff pulls out his own sword and they prepare for a final charge. Stephie, although hopping around, isn't showing as much signs of exhaustion as Swaff. But he still decides to do it, to go out with honor. The two run towards each other screaming, presenting weapons and after they pass each other Swaff falls down in defeat.

Stephie is the winner! Stephie is the Champion of the Flames! Congratulations and applause for her opponent's valiant effort.
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Posts: 2414

new Posted: 10:29PM Apr 8, 2010

Well son-of-a-biscuit. I did my best.
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Posts: 2801

new Posted: 11:34PM Apr 8, 2010

I'm kind of surprised I keep winning.
In real life, I'm terrible at this game.
And I mean terrible...

"You can't stop the pterodactyl. The pterodactyl does what the pterodactyl wants." - JMM
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 04:37AM Apr 9, 2010

Harry v.s Mickey

1 - Harry and Mickey face each other, each delivering a mysterious glare as they begin to think about strategy. As soon as the match is signaled to start, Harry presents his first weapon, a long roll of sturdy paper that he pulls out, letting it fall across the floor to try and intimidate Mickey. But Mickey is running towards Harry, unafraid of the paper roll he wields. Mickey is able to dodge a few of the paper's swipes, maneuvering around them, getting within striking distance of Harry, but this only helps Harry. As Mickey goes closer, Harry's roll is able to grab him more easily. By the time he's a few feet away, Harry already has Mickey wrapped around a few times in the quick and suffocating roll. Harry spins around, further bundling up Mickey like a mummy, planning on throwing around the paper cocoon and causing major damage. But Mickey is struggling within the cocoon and stays focused enough to not be affected by the nauseating spinning. A few moments later the cocoon slices open, as Mickey uses his first weapon, a dagger, to break free. Harry doesn't notice this as he continues to spin, but after feeling a bit light, he turns to see a dagger being thrown directly at him. With only a few seconds to react, he almost is hurt, but instead snatches the dagger out from the air and in one quick movement stabs it deep into the arena floor. Mickey is impressed, but not shaken.

2 - They each draw new weapons. Mickey gets lucky, revealing a sleek and sharp paper sword that looks almost as sharp as if it were metal. He takes a few practice swings and gets ready to take the lead when he looks over to see Harry holding a crossbow made of paper and aiming it at him, finger poised on the trigger. He is barely able to move when arrows soar where he once was. Mickey jumps around the arena, dodging the arrows from a safe distance, but after a while he notices that he's not making any headway. He's tired and knows that he must attack Harry. Deciding to be exceedingly bold, Mickey spins around and takes a running jump above Harry, sword ready to stab. But just as he should have expected, the crossbow fires and at close range it is even more powerful. His sword is shattered by a few well-placed blows, and Mickey is wounded in several areas. He lies there on the ground in deep pain, only barely able to manage rolling over to dodge the new barrage of arrows. Then suddenly, a strange surge of rage allows Mickey to pull out a heavy axe and in the blink of an eye cut Harry's crossbow into shreds.

3 - Harry has little time to mourn the crossbow as Mickey is now on the offensive, almost falling over every time he plunges forth with the axe. Harry is easily able to avoid them as Mickey is so hurt, but every new plunge reminds Harry how much he risks to get caught in the weapon's path. While running backwards he pulls out a heavy stone hammer. Although it is heavy, he's still just barely able to avoid the axe-falls. When Mickey's axe digs deep into the ground once more, Harry takes this opportunity to pick up his hammer and smash the axe to pieces. He feels proud about the triumph and knows looking at Mickey that it won't be long until victory is his. But, unexpectedly, Mickey's soft voice speaks out to him, pleading for a final draw, to lay down his hammer and bet on the last draw. Harry almost rejects the idea immediately, but then sighs and agrees, noting that it is what a real warrior would do. Maybe not the smartest warrior, but the bravest.

4 - The air is thick as they each reach into their bag of final tricks and pull out the last weapon. Mickey grabs hold of an oversized metal spork and readies it as though it were a lance. Harry pulls out his item but is extremely disappointed to see that is a local map. He flips through the map a few times in desperation, hoping that it might have at least one redeeming quality. But alas, it is no match for a spork. Just before he gives up he goes for his hammer, but is unable to run to it before he is hit by a large spork.

Mickey is the victor! Mickey is the Champion of the Air! A very close game, nice effort to you both!

Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently. I will put up the next round tomorrow. Be on the look out.
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Posts: 361

new Posted: 07:48AM Apr 9, 2010

Again, very well writen.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 07:08PM Apr 9, 2010

The second to last game is below. Go out there and make me proud ... half of you....!

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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 10:22PM Apr 10, 2010

Glowtmickey V.S Stephiesd

1 - The two victors, plagued by battles and bruises, both entered the arena solemnly, with weary eyes and the taste of victory on their tongues. Due to getting this far, they had each been given a special power to use against their opponent, but the question still remained: who would use it to climb to the top? Stephie dashed forth with such a pace that Mickey could have sworn he had seen a trail of fire behind her. As she approached she pulled out a small stone and was about to heave it at Mickey when he swiftly moved to the side to avoid it. But even as he did he felt a trickling pain to his side. Her stone, it was engulfed in flames which had bounced onto him. Mickey was wary of her now, unsure what to expect. As he stayed a fair distance from her Mickey scrambled for a weapon, but was unable to find one. He muttered to himself in a nervous tone, staring in fear as Stephie tossed the flaming rock onto him. Fortunately, however, at that exact moment a huge rock crashed down right into the firestone, obliterating it into ash. Stephie bounced back, thinking of a plan, but as she did Mickey raised his arms, the stone flying upwards, listening to his command. The rock then barreled down on Stephie. She focused on it and cast a flame that charred the rock into dust.

2 - Mickey then suddenly runs far away. Stephie chuckles at the display and then pulls out a flaming sword. The fire doesn't hurt or burn her hand; to her, it's only lukewarm. Mickey stands his ground against the charging Stephie equipped with a menacing fiery blade. Mickey concentrates and once again a weapon falls out from the sky. As Stephie is running something sharp dives down and slashes her knee. She stops to see that it was a paper airplane. Then, as she looks up, an entire fleet of paper airplanes soar down directly at her. Mickey grins triumphantly, conducting as the planes swarm down around her, Ride of the Valkyries playing in his head. Stephie quickly glares at him as she then ducks, rolls and dives from the swift little attacks. It's hard to dodge them and she ends up getting quite a few cuts in the process. Eventually she decides to swing her sword around which catches a few on fire, but others dodge her attacks. She chases after the far ones, but others swoop down to cut her, the group working alternatively as predators and prey. Seeing Mickey, she gets an idea and runs towards him with the sword. Mickey is still concentrating but the swarm goes after her, not wanting her to hurt their master. As they swoop down, she spins around and turns them to ash with her sword.

3 - Mickey concentrates deeply and begins to rise, propelled by a flying sheet of paper. As he soars around the battlefield, too high up for Stephie to reach, he also pulls out two large fans. Stephie runs around the arena, but Mickey blows gusts of wind at her that swirl around. Stephie continues to follow after him, trying to slash at him and reach with her flames, but Mickey's wind continues to blow the fire away. One gust, more powerful than the last, hits Stephie directly and knocks her down. Mickey flies back up to the sky. Stephie isn't hurt, and dusts herself off but as she stands she realizes that her sword's fire has gone out. She shakes it a few times, trying desperately to reignite it, but the sword stays unlit. Mickey flies towards her, swooping down and knocking her around with the powerful winds. As he comes around again she grabs the regular sword and tosses it at the flying sheet he's on, a direct hit, ripping it and sending Mickey down like a stone. As he falls, he is able to stay up by flapping his fans vigorously, but just barely stays afloat. He floats over to Stephie and has to come in dangerously close to shower her with wind. Stephie barely keeps her footing. She pulls out a small flaming dagger and stabs at Mickey. Mickey's easily able to dodge it, but as he moves Stephie increases the flame's range turning one of the fans into ashes. Without the second fan, Mickey becomes unstable and begins to fall. He tries flapping and summoning a new gust, but both fail to help. Ouch.

Stephie is the winner! Stephie is the Champion of the North! Good game you two!

Wwestar V.S Deepsea

1 - Deepsea walks in quietly, observing the arena surroundings to try and formulate some sort of plan. For some strange reason it was empty this time. Completely devoid of any helpful weapons. It seems she was alone this time. As she pondered, Star playfully surfed into the arena on a wave. Deepsea was at first startled, but then remembered that he was the King of the Waves. When Star was still surfing around, Deepsea decided to take this opportunity to catch him off guard. She pulled out a heavy sword and waited for him to surf down. Then as he got close she slashed him, knocking him over and down into his own wave. As he fell the wave evaporated. Deepsea ran at him again but Star called forth another wave, but this one was not one of the sea. As Deepsea was about to hit him again she noticed that she was being carried away by a bizarre sea of letters. She tried hopping down, but the letters caught her and moved so that she couldn't get away. She tried slashing at them but there were too many to destroy. Seeing Star across the way she got an idea to destroy their controller and not the letters themselves. As Deepsea focused on the ground beneath Star, it began to rip opening up a chasm. Star jumped and barely avoided it, but Deepsea opened another one there too. The chasm continued to grow and Star was soon unable to avoid the widening gap. As he fell he called forth a torrent of waves to catch him and the rest of the arena, but this also unintentionally made his letters soggy and useless.

2 - Annoyed now, Star concentrates on the water covering the arena. In a matter of seconds it begins to bubble ferociously as Deepsea looks at it, ready to jump out of the way. Large boulders surface, almost knocking into Deepsea. She avoids them and swims towards Star, jumping at him with the sword. But as she strikes, the water shudders terribly and forms a whirlpool around him. The swirling waves grab her sword away and sink it to the bottom. Deepsea hurries after it but as she's swimming the boulders from before are rolling after her. She's hit a few times, tossed around under the water and is barely able to breathe. She scrambles to find a weapon to slice away the rocks, but is unable to find anything but a soggy fan. As she drowns, she can no longer see the sword. It probably fell into the chasm. Almost out of breath, she remembers and concentrates. The floor crumbles and rises up, taking her to the surface on a column of earth. The stones try to bash against the column, but she destroys the floor underneath them, casting them downwards into the abyss.

3 - Star surfs around the arena, circling Deepsea and shifting the water violently. Deepsea rises up further until she is level with Star. The two stare each other down, both immensely high above the battlefield. It's a long way down from here. Star draws a sword against her, while Deepsea waits for his move, empty handed. Star surfs around the column and then slashes but she jumps. Star watches in amazement as she falls. He laughs at the stupid move. But then, accompanied by a loud rumble, he sees Deepsea rise upwards as though she were on an elevator. The ground shoots up so fast that it encloses the water, leaving the newly formed plateau dry. Star falls from his height, with a mere sprinkle of water surrounding him. He gets up, but as he does Deepsea drops the floor out from under him. It's a loooooong ways down, and all of the water's been absorbed into the soil.

Deepsea wins! Deepsea is the Champion of the South! Good game you two.

I will put up the FINAL MATCH tomorrow. Look out for it.
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Posts: 979

new Posted: 11:00PM Apr 10, 2010

I'm actually surprised I made it this far.

Good luck Stephie

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Posts: 30

new Posted: 11:11PM Apr 10, 2010

Are you saying I died? I will not lose to this novice! I should be In that match against Stephie! not him!!!!!And LR, I wont let someone with LOW CALIBER Embarrass me like that!

JUST KIDDING! But good match Sea

One road shows the good path, another the bad. Which road will you take?
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Posts: 361

new Posted: 08:05AM Apr 11, 2010

I was amazed that I made it that far. I am pretty awful and the game in real life. Great fight stephie. And once again, great writing.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 07:09PM Apr 11, 2010

THIS IS IT! The final match! Good luck to both of you! After this we'll find out who the victor is. Thank you all for participating to make this game fun.

Final Match
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 08:39PM Apr 12, 2010

1 - This was it, the last great battle in the arena was about to take place to decide which of the two finalists had what it took to be the overall victor. The two had both fought their way through intense battles and shown supreme courage. They waited in the arena for the final bell to ring initiating the match, staring into one another's eyes as if trying to read her opponent's thoughts. When the bell rang the tension was released as Deepsea waited no longer to attack Stephie with a sharp sword with jagged edges. Stephie was definitely used to being attacked by now and easily maneuvered out of the way. The two spun around the arena as though dancing. Then, when Stephie decided enough was enough, she took out a flaming rock and heaved it at Deepsea. Deepsea dodged it but the rock crashed near her sending embers jumping out and onto her. The flames had jumped onto the sword. And these flames were no ordinary flames but rather mixed with lava, thus they melt the metal down. Deepsea tried putting out the lava several times but it was useless. It was simply too hot to easily cool.

2 - Without weapons, the two scrambled for something that would send the other flying as quick as possible. Deepsea concentrated on the ground and shook it tremendously, shattering fragments apart until there were a bunch of heavy boulders. She then began to fill up the stadium with water to not only control the movement of the rocks but also to curb Stephie's fire play. Yet Stephie was not deterred by the sea building up. Stephie flew upwards near the higher stone wall of the arena. Deepsea took this as a sign of weakness and watched gleefully as she continued to fill up the arena, but Stephie wasn't running away, not entirely at least. She focused on the stone wall and burnt into it with an immensely hot flame that could've easily welded metal. After a few seconds of carving into it, the wall piece fell down and Stephie scooped it up quickly before it reached Deepsea's domain. Seeing this, Deepsea began her attack quickly, knowing too well what waiting too long could do. She commanded the waves to swirl and started swishing around the boulders at high velocities. But Stephie was still in the air, more or less safe from the sea, that is until it lashed out after her. Deepsea twirled the waves violently upwards, lugging the boulders along with them and then releasing them so they flew upwards, directed straight at Stephie. But Stephie used her wall piece as a bat, swatting the boulders away. It was hard work, however, and she had to stop after a few hits. The wall piece was already badly chewed into and there were still a few boulders left and possibly many more generated from the quakes. As the last few boulders came rushing at her, Stephie threw her piece outside and sent a mighty gust of wind to throw the rocks right back at Deepsea. Deepsea quickly shielded herself with a screen of waves.

3 - Deepsea rode up on a wave to get closer to the flying Stephie. Although neither of them had a weapon, Deepsea told herself that she would be able to get one later. As she rose, Stephie flew away from her, dodging her very presence. Deepsea didn't like the chase and eventually decided to raise the ground underneath her. Stephie saw the ground rise up, but was unable to dodge in time and was struck, sending her plummeting down to the water. It was a hard hit, but Stephie managed to get up. Seeing the waves already reacting she flew up high again, being sure to watch out for more sneak attacks from below. As she looked down she noticed that, curiously, whenever Deepsea broke the earth, her water was drained. To even the playing fields and let her once again use her fire she needed to make it so that the water went away. Stephie flew down to Deepsea and waded near her in the high waters. Immediately, just as she had expected, the ground began to cave in creating a small whirlpool to suck her down. Stephie flew up in time, watching as the water began to drain. Before Deepsea could notice, Stephie dove at her, hitting her a few times and coming back around. Deepsea waited for her chance and then stabbed Stephie with a pillar of the earth, knocking her down again. Stephie was now standing on solid ground and had an idea. Stephie summoned a large chunk of lava and threw it towards Deepsea. Deepsea noticed that the ball was made of lava, not fire, and thus would be harder to cool down. So instead of trying to hit it with water, she waited. When it was time, she raised the ground so that a pillar crashed into the lava rock, but then the pillar broke off and landed on top of Deepsea. Stephie was enthusiastic, having finally won and began to celebrate early, but before she could leave the arena she heard a crash and looked behind her. Deepsea was badly bruised but still able to fight. Shocked to see her standing, Stephie thought fast and shot a blast of fire at her, but Deepsea shot water at her, putting out the fire. The water stream continued to hit Stephie until she pushed against it with air. The two currents were unable to budge each other. Deepsea then shook the ground, bringing forth boulders, chasms and pillars, but Stephie easily flew back into the air to dodge them. Evenly matched, the two were ready for one final charge at each other. But as they waited, Deepsea's eyes closed and she fell down quietly, too exhausted and hurt to continue fighting.

Stephiesd is the overall winner!
Great job! You earn a golden trophy! Deepsea for such a valiant try, and getting this far, you earn a silver trophy! Wwestar and Glowtmickey get bronze trophies and everyone else gets my thanks for participating. I hope you guys enjoyed the tournament.

***|----------------- HarryPutter
************ ******** |-------------Glowtmickey
***|----------------- Glowtmickey
********* **** ************ ************* |------ Stephiesd (Northern Champion)
***|----------------- BigSWAFF_69_
************ ******* |-----------------Stephie
********** *************** ********** ************ *******|-----STEPHIESD
***|---------------- Bradon182001
************ ******* |------------Wwestar1000
***|---------------- Wwestar1000
********* **** ************ ************* |------ Deepsea (Southern Champion)
***|---------------- Gargph
************ ******* |--------------Deepsea
***|---------------- Deepsea

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new Posted: 09:12PM Apr 12, 2010


Good game Stephie

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Hi! I'm Bobbi ~ ıqqoq ɯ,ı ¡
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new Posted: 09:28PM Apr 12, 2010

Congratulations to the winner and Champ -Stephiesd!!

Thank you LR for the really great entertaining play-by-play commentary. Great fun, I enjoyed this new game immensely.

Want to try a new game? JOIN "1 V 100" TALK BOX. .Game 37 is in progress.
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new Posted: 09:32PM Apr 12, 2010

Congrats to Steph! Good job LR with all the brilliant commentary. This was fun, even though I wasn't in it for long.

"Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do."
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new Posted: 09:33PM Apr 12, 2010

Awesome game Roger!
And congrats Steph on your victory!

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