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u raff u ruse (You Laugh You Lose)


Posts: 251

new Posted: 11:50PM Jul 13, 2012

Pretty common internet game, actually, surprised it's not here.

Basically, post funny pictures, trying to make others lose. If you laugh, you're out of the game.

For the sake of making this reasonable, if you post, you're either posting (a) picture(s) or announcing your loss. And there's a limit of 3 pics per post...

Guess I'll throw in a few to start...

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  Post from kittygirl19 deleted on 11:13AM Jan 24, 2014.

Posts: 1887

new Posted: 08:06AM Jul 15, 2012

No swearing, kitty.

Anyway, I lose. However, I do get a chance because that pic contained (unintended) swear words so it doesn't count, right?

'An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.' - Charles Dickens
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Posts: 251

new Posted: 07:54PM Jul 15, 2012

I'm still in. Let's try some Sheltering Suburban Mom, shall we?

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Posts: 2724

new Posted: 04:41AM Jul 16, 2012

Ah, that title and those swear words. Today's youth sure a jovial bunch. Anyways, can't say I've lost yet. I'll give you that there was a brief smile just from the sheer madness of the young man's hair in the first post, but that was it for now.

My contributions are mostly just reaction im/a/ges. You might need to know their sources a bit to find them funny, or they could be amusing based on the absurdity alone. Good ground to test, I guess.

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  Post from kittygirl19 deleted on 10:40PM Feb 15, 2014.

Posts: 45

new Posted: 07:05PM Jan 6, 2013

I lose soooooo bad!!!
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Posts: 39

new Posted: 06:19AM Jun 30, 2013

I can keep a straight face, this is easy! Maby ill get a face to laugh for me...

---This message was edited on 06:20AM Jun 30, 2013---
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  Post from sciencesteven deleted on 09:44AM Aug 25, 2013.
  Post from extremeblueness deleted on 11:27AM Jan 9, 2015.

Alchemist of Steel
Posts: 694

new Posted: 06:34PM Oct 28, 2013

---This message was edited on 06:38PM Oct 28, 2013---

Like I always say, can't find a door, make your own!
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