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Tips for being a Werewolf


Posts: 187

new Posted: 06:29PM Jun 21, 2013

Here are a few tips for Werewolf werewolves:

1. Be the Seer: In the endgame, "reveal" yourself to be the seer. Say something like "I divined [random human] to be a human, [random human] to be a human, [dead wolf] to be a wolf and [random uncleared human] to be a wolf, unless the seer has been revealed:

2. Spy the Seer: If the seer is revealed, eat whenever possible. Until then, put suspicions on him.

3. Be Midactive: Don't be inactive, don't be very active. 'Help' the humans and participate in moderator activities. Do everything a human does.

4. Let Night Time Out: Unless you want to eat someone in paricular (Tip #2), let night time out.

5. Leave the Inactives: Self-explanatory.

---This message was edited on 10:52PM Jun 30, 2013---

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Posts: 387

new Posted: 05:20PM Jul 1, 2013

Yeah, no offense, but you want to do the opposite of these.
Be the human as a wolf, not the seer.
Eat who you think will be the biggest obstacle if you're gonna win.
If there are inactives, LET night time out and point fingers the next day round.
If you and two people are left, try to induce a shooting triangle (ex. a=wolf b=human c=human
try to get a to vote for b, b for c, and c for a
i.e. a voted for b
b voted for c
c voted for a) then change your vote to a human which will be a majority and a win for you.

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