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Would I lie to you?


Posts: 39

new Posted: 06:11AM Jun 30, 2013

Welcome to my game 'Would I lie to you?' were you say three statements about yourself, one of those being true and the others not. The others have to guess which one is the true one and find the false ones. Enjoy!

-How To Play-
So you write three sensible (Nothing offensive or unsuitable) statements about yourself but only one is true and the other two are made up. Example:

58358 - (1) I eat cherry-pie once a day (2) I own twenty Poodles (3) I work in a Fish Shop
Chocomania - 1 and 2 are false and 3 is true. (1) I breed cats (2) I am a meat-lover (3) I have no toes
58358 - Chocomania is correct. I think 1 is true
Chocomania - No actually Im allergic to cats and I have all toes and im a meat lover.
LOVEorHATE - (1) I have knee length hair (2) Someone broke my leg (3) My sister is called Jessie

The cycle starts again.

-Okay, Lets Start!-
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Posts: 39

new Posted: 06:13AM Jun 30, 2013

(1) I work at dog kennels
(2) My brother is a singer
(3) I go to primary school
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