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Ultimate werewolf


Posts: 1024

new Posted: 09:44PM Sep 4, 2013

Welcome to an online version of the card game Ultimate werewolf
I will be waiting for about 10 people to join where then the deadline will be set 3 days after that. Caps at 25.
Possible roles:
Team good:
Villager: Works with other villager to try and find out who the werewolves are. Nothing special
Seer: Can divine 1 person a night. Gets a yes if a werewolf and and no if anything else(see exceptions)
Lycans: Comes up as werewolf if divined by the seer. They know who each other are. (2 at max per game)
Village idiot: When voting you he must vote with the current majority and he must vote every round
Masons: They know who each other are. If they ever use the word "mason" they die instantly(just that 1 who used it) 3 max per game
Prince: After he is lynched he comes back to life revealed and he chooses who dies.(not for being eaten)
Super prince: same as prince except for he is granted immunity for being eaten to.
Spellcaster: Can make someone not talk for 1 full round.
Witch: Can protect 1 person per night

Team bad:
Werewolf: Norrmal wolf
Dreamwolf: awakens as werewolf once one wolf is shot. Divines as human until awakened as a wolf
Wolfman: Wolf that appears human
Wolf cub:If seer divines counts as a wolf. If lynched then the wolves get 2 eats that night.(not know who is to the wolfs)
Sorcerer: Attempts to see the seer. Never counts as a wolf to the seer(dose not vote at night)

More roles later: Note that all these roles won't be in game
player list:

---This message was edited on 03:53PM Sep 6, 2013---

We are always sometimes monsters.
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Posts: 290

new Posted: 09:45PM Sep 5, 2013

I'll join.

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." -Romans 12:2
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Posts: 187

new Posted: 11:12PM Sep 5, 2013

I think you should do this in mocha's TWG TB.

Play my game "Alliances"! PM me!
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Posts: 3615

new Posted: 02:33PM Sep 6, 2013

i don't think this topic will stay up long. There is already a werewolf game under the game section it started out as a fourm game and then the powers that be move it there.

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Posts: 1024

new Posted: 02:52PM Sep 6, 2013

In the game section of the forums?(if not it won't work. Look at the roles and tell me how someone is invincible after they are shot.) As I do belivie this is legal due to forum rules.(If so please tell me) I d o belive that in this game there is no possible way to play in the game. To many roles have deaths/immunity powers.
I will try to run in moch's TB sonic but I don't know if there is enough active people left in the talk box.

---This message was edited on 03:03PM Sep 6, 2013---

We are always sometimes monsters.
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Posts: 3615

new Posted: 03:46PM Sep 6, 2013

The Werewolf Game started as a forum but because so many people wanted to play Jake and the mods made it an actual game in the game section of the website. Though i admit your version as a few more roles than what is given in the game. And changes are that with that many roles need to play, you are not going to find enough players anyway.

I'm not saying you can't play it in the forums. I am just stating the facts.

Take my Dark Tower quiz. Please!
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