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Should there be a PM limit (to prevent spam)?

Yes, people should only be allowed to send 10 PMs per day.13
Yes, 20 PMs per day31
Yes, 30 PMs per day47 (your vote)
Yes, More than 3024
No, Everyone should be able to send an infinite amount of PMs81
 Total Votes:196

Posts: 28

new Posted: 11:51PM Aug 22, 2012

Certain people (mods for games) use pms to help run games with special rules. There are also those like myself who use braingle as a way to keep in contact with friends and while I often use talk boxes to do so there was a time i did send over 30 pms in a day and none of them were spam. I think that the best way would be if you have negative karma there's a cap and if you've been here less than let's say 2 weeks - 2 months there should be a cap. Or possibly one good karma required to lose the cap?

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Posts: 263

new Posted: 04:14AM Aug 27, 2012

Okay, personally I think PM's should not be sent much, I communicate with people mostly by chat, I only PM if it is Private or the person is currently offline for those who believe PM's should be posted in large amounts I do not totally disagree. I do see a way the mods could get their games done even with the special twist, they send a message to Jake or an active user Jake assigned, in which the person is allowed to remove the PM limit till the game is over and the PM limit increases with the score like 500 to 40PMs so on and so forth.

I'm WYSE, in name and in life application.
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Posts: 391

new Posted: 10:50AM Aug 27, 2012

The majority of PM is not spam though so we dont need to implement something like that.

leave it free

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Posts: 263

new Posted: 01:04PM Aug 28, 2012

majority, minorities count too. Rolugomi

I'm WYSE, in name and in life application.
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Posts: 277

new Posted: 03:47PM Sep 7, 2012

Starriddler wrote:
My idea would be this:

Subscribers: Infinite PMs
--Infinite PMs
--40 PMs a day
--20 PMs a day
0--10 PMs a day only to mutual friends
--5 PMs to mutual friends
--No PMs
--No access to PM section

I like that aaaaaalot!

The meaning of life, is living
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Posts: 263

new Posted: 03:06AM Sep 8, 2012

me to

I'm WYSE, in name and in life application.
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Posts: 9

new Posted: 06:18PM Mar 24, 2014

I can't see anyone needed to PM more than 30 times a day. I have never needed to PM more then once or twice a day but I could imagine if someone was getting a group together for some reason they may need to PM a few dozen times.
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Posts: 846

new Posted: 08:43AM Mar 25, 2014

You would think that a decision could have been made on this subject in the last 5 years...

Original post by Jake was on: 104PM Mar 21, 2009

Isn't it time to unsticky this and let it die?

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