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Posts: 11

new Posted: 05:59AM Nov 2, 2012


I would like to know if there are any engineers around here.

I have joined Braingle on the 04th of July - 2004, and at that time I was just another bright student interested in maths, science, and physics . I remember I even used to report to Jake some bugs and glitches on and around the website ( the good old days ) .
Seven years later I became a Production Engineer , the kind of man you want in your industry business to make sure "everything" goes fine with minimum cost of time and money.
Knowing that there are a couple of engineers around here would be great to enrich the community within.

So if you are an engineer why not share with us your experience and step up !
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Posts: 11

new Posted: 05:26AM Nov 9, 2012

Oh well, then I guess I'm the only one here..
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Posts: 5367

new Posted: 09:08AM Nov 9, 2012

No there are other, some who do not wish to share or post they are Engineers due to criticism.
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Posts: 11

new Posted: 02:50AM Nov 10, 2012

How would an engineer be criticized? Can you give that a try?
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Posts: 5367

new Posted: 07:42AM Nov 10, 2012

Some user consider an Engineer above them in their talk. So they do not understand what is "actually" being said. They only hear what they think is being said. Then they go back and criticize the person/user about what they thought was said, but was not. Engineers are criticized everyday in their life, wither it be here, in the office, or in the field. What is worst yet is some Engineers are not good at taking criticism, and that is why most will not respond to your request to talk in a public forum. What I would do is open a "Talk Box"and continue to run here in the Public Forums your Topic on Engineers". This might help you with responses, due to an talk box is more private.
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Posts: 4455

new Posted: 07:44AM Nov 10, 2012

There are 10 types of people. Those that understand binary, & those that do not understand binary.

Snappy Snappy Snap..Snap Snap Snap Snap!
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