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EXTREME coder needed


Posts: 43

new Posted: 03:24PM Feb 5, 2013

All right. I am on the verge of setting up a forum and I need an EXTREME coder to help with making features and renovating the ones already with the board.IF YOU ARE NOT a good coder please ignore this.If you are an EXTREME coder(One who has very good coding knowledge of Mysql PHP HTML etc are the ones we need)please post here then send me a Private Message so I can tell the Moderators to lock this down.

EDIT : two EXTREME codests will be needed so please post here then Private Message me so I can decide.
EDIT 2 : Close this please.I do not need this anymore.

---This message was edited on 02:34PM Feb 6, 2013---

Forum is almost up.Link soon to come
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Posts: 254

new Posted: 02:07PM Mar 31, 2013

1 4m XXXtreeeme c0dr
1 u53 13375p34 11k3 a pr0
h17 m3 uppp
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