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discuss: free online ordination / marriage / bureaucracies


Posts: 2530

new Posted: 02:48AM Apr 19, 2013

i'm not sure whether the ease-of-access into marriage certification (re: become an ordained minister in five minutes on the internet!!!) is an actual commentary on the futility of marriage or is just a kink in the bureaucratic machine?

the air is full of dust
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Posts: 33

new Posted: 12:52PM Apr 19, 2013

It's a tool of convenience most easily used for the average person to strap themselves in a relationship recognised by authority without actually acknowledging the authority. So from my reference point, it's a testament to people's sense of pluralism. Or defiance. or the illusion of sovereignty.

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Posts: 4738

new Posted: 07:42PM Apr 19, 2013

Marriage is like birthdays: you control how meaningful you want it to be. This looks like another way to make it less meaningful. I don't really care; other people can do as they please.

One of my friends became a minister via the Internet. I find it pretty funny.
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Posts: 254

new Posted: 01:26AM May 5, 2013

It increases efficiency. We need more things like this.
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Posts: 5492

new Posted: 04:07PM May 5, 2013

Do people do that and then actually conduct marriage ceremonies? I always thought it was more of a convenient plot device for television shows than an actual thing that happens.

I don't really care if it does, though. In my opinion, the only marriage authority that matters is the marriage certificate because it's required to reap the civil benefits of marriage. The rest is just personal and meaningless from a pragmatic point of view. Just go to the courthouse.

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else. - Gloria Steinem
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Posts: 4514

new Posted: 05:27AM May 6, 2013

In Australia you are actually better off if you are NOT married.
More benefits from govt.

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