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What Song Are You Listening To? #48


Posts: 3023

new Posted: 01:12AM Feb 14, 2014

Carolina by Parmalee and 4AM by Our Lady Peace

They're stuck in my head

I don't mind chasing thunder.
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Posts: 415

new Posted: 09:47PM Feb 18, 2014

Boogie Wonderland!
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Posts: 147

new Posted: 08:19PM Mar 11, 2014

Pompeii is a good song.

One thing I like about being on the road, I get tired of listening to the same 4 songs on an album while driving and let the whole thing play and get to find some cool nuggets.

Work on Me, by Kings of Leon, really sweet jam

do not give up on it before you hear the solo at 2:30 lol

Here is Sub-Zero, now PLAIN ZERO
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Posts: 523

new Posted: 09:21AM Jun 16, 2014

"Duck and Run" - 3 Doors Down

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."
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Posts: 4

new Posted: 12:07AM Jun 20, 2014

in the shadows...
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Posts: 22

new Posted: 01:45PM Jun 23, 2014

Stay With You - Goo Goo Dolls
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Posts: 628

new Posted: 04:31PM Jan 8, 2015

Pompeii as well. Working on a parody of Story of My Life by One Direction. Trying to win a bet with my cousin

This is Bob. Note the machine gun with depleted U-235 bullets that is about to kill you.
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Posts: 380

new Posted: 05:42AM Jan 21, 2015

Listening to Avcii songs like Hey Brother

Um... My hydra is not happy. Give him some coo...OWWWW!!....kies. *whimpers in pain*
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