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Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen?

Cutthroat Kitchen8 (your vote)
 Total Votes:14

Posts: 1878

new Posted: 06:12PM Nov 29, 2013

These are two shows on Food Network. They are similar.

"You will know the pain and suffering you caused the emperor and Fiora!" -Shulk, Xenoblade Chronicles
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Posts: 2

new Posted: 04:18PM Mar 14, 2014

I personally prefer Cutthroat kitchen! but i like both!

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Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9484

new Posted: 01:10PM Mar 15, 2014

I watch both but like Cutthroat Kitchen more because of all the hilarious (and seemingly impossible) twists throughout the cooking rounds.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
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Posts: 277

new Posted: 12:57PM Jul 22, 2014

cutthroat kitchen!

peace will win, fear will lose
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Posts: 4784

new Posted: 10:34PM Jul 22, 2014

Definitely Chopped, in the same way that I prefer checkers over chess. It's simpler and more elegant. The only rule is that they need to use the four ingredients; the rest depends on skill. I don't like to see too much strategy involved in these shows.

Guy's Grocery Games strikes a very nice balance between skill and strategy, I think. And I like Guy.
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Posts: 5

new Posted: 10:01AM Mar 14, 2015

I totally agree with Shadow. Chopped is definitely more organized than Cutthroat Kitchen. GGG is the best though.

I am part of an elite organization called the Stealthy Pineapples, who operate under the guidance of Four, the god of pineapples. Go team 4!!
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Posts: 4883

new Posted: 12:01AM Apr 27, 2015

I like Cutthroat Kitchen for the strategy and sabotage. I'm not a real big fan of cooking; I'd like to see any task with those sorts of challenges thrown in.

Well then.
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