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What teams do you cheer on (in any sport)?


Posts: 781

new Posted: 05:44PM Feb 2, 2009

well -NFL= Dalles Cowboys
NBA= OKC Thunder
NHL= Dalles Stars
MLB= Bosten Red Socks
Ncaa= Oklahoma Sooners,Oklahoma State Cowboys

---This message was edited on 12:32PM Mar 20, 2009---
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Posts: 510

new Posted: 04:45PM Feb 23, 2009

patriots, red sox
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Posts: 2530

new Posted: 09:44PM Mar 7, 2009


the air is full of dust
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Posts: 2856

new Posted: 09:57PM Mar 7, 2009

j279 wrote:
Football: Steelers
Baseball: Pirates
Hockey: Penguins
College anything: Pitt Panthers

haha, you can't tell I'm from Pittsburgh, can you?

I would have to agree!!!!!!
and add
Minor league Hockey - Hershey Bears
and to the college : PSU

Well, when I do decide to push you away, I hope there's a small person kneeling behind you so you fall down and hurt your head. ~House
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Posts: 1

new Posted: 04:02PM May 16, 2009

Montreal Canadiens Rule!
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Posts: 8

new Posted: 01:49AM Jul 9, 2009

MLB: Atlanta Braves
NFL: Dallas Cowboys
NBA: it changes from year to year, but right now the Cleveland Cavaliers
NHL: not a huge fan, but i'll go with Carolina Hurricanes
EPL: Chelsea
FIFA: USA, England, Czech Republic
NASCAR: Jeff Gordon
NCAA: take a guess

this isnt where i parked my car
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Posts: 9625

new Posted: 02:21AM Jul 9, 2009

Manchester United for soccer.

"Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do."
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Posts: 2877

new Posted: 11:14PM Jul 29, 2009

definitely the Michigan wolverines in College football.
they are by far my favorite...I never miss a game unless I'm in
a coma!

in NFL, it would have to be the Miami Dolphins, and I like the Eagles too.
of course there is the Detroit Lions..but they have to pick themselves up

---This message was edited on 11:14PM Jul 29, 2009---

PP is in serious trouble when I see him!!
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Posts: 824

new Posted: 10:23PM Aug 12, 2009

Soccer: Liverpool
Hockey: Buffalo Sabres
Lacrosse: Buffalo Bandits

Yeah I don't really watch that many sports
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Posts: 46

new Posted: 09:59AM Aug 14, 2009

MLB: Yankees.
NFL: Giants.
NBA: Lakers.
NHL: Penguins.
MLS: Galaxy.
Soccer: Arsenal.
Collage Football: Penn State.
Collage Basketball: Uconn.
NASCAR: Bobby Labonte.

The Yankees are the World Champs!!!!!!!!
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Posts: 50

new Posted: 04:10PM Aug 16, 2009

nascarjake3 wrote:
NHL: Minnesota Wild/Whoever is playing Boston Bruins
NFL: Green Bay Packers/Whoever is playing New England Patriots
NASCAR: Kevin Harvick
IRL: Danica Patrick
NCAA anything: Wyoming Cowboys/Whoever is playing BYU Cougars/Whoever is playing Boston Collage Eagles

u like Kevin harvick! me 2!
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Posts: 50

new Posted: 02:10AM Oct 6, 2009

49ers WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!! Lol my bad But yeah.....

Rule #1: I am never wrong. Rule #2: If I am wrong, refer to rule number 1.
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Posts: 174

new Posted: 06:37PM Oct 11, 2009

I don't cheer...I'm really not the athletic type. I'm the sit around and watch tube, and read books.
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Posts: 278

new Posted: 10:02PM Oct 28, 2009

NHL: St. Louis Blues
MLB: St. Louis Cardinals
NFL: St. Louis Rams & New Orleans Saints (college in NOLA)
NCAA: Mizzou
Soccer: the US National Team

---This message was edited on 10:02PM Oct 28, 2009---
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Posts: 8

new Posted: 12:50AM Oct 30, 2009


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Posts: 24

new Posted: 05:59PM Nov 21, 2009

Football- Colts

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Posts: 667

new Posted: 07:06PM Nov 21, 2009

Football: Dallas Cowboys (YEAH!)
Soccer: Um, surf? xD Dude Lucy and Dovey are proud.
Baseball: Yankees.

I'm running out of Dancing Bananas.
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Posts: 2246

new Posted: 04:36PM Jan 28, 2010

NFL: Eagles
NCAA F: Penn State
MLB: Phillies
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Posts: 46

new Posted: 12:55PM Feb 4, 2010

Cricket: South Africa (Proteas)
Rugby: South Africa (spring bucks)
Soccer: South Africa (bafana-bafana) seeing that the 2010 fifa world cup is in South Africa, i like to give a big shout out to the boys! Do us proud gents!
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Posts: 7615

new Posted: 12:57PM Feb 4, 2010

NFL: Cowboys (been a fan since the '70s... not about to stop now)
NBA: Jazz & Suns
MLS: Real Salt Lake
NCAA: Brigham Young University

"The greatest cause of unhappiness in the world today is trading what we want most for what we want now."
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