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Let's think for a moment about what a "current event" is


Posts: 3039

new Posted: 03:04AM Oct 12, 2014

24 hour news cycles have completely destroyed the conception of what a current event even is.

We should rather call it the "instantaneous" event. And often this leads to misleading, unclear, or inaccurate information.

So let's do the following:
a) Define what a current event is
b) Post links to places where we can actually find such "current" events
c) Critically analyze and judge whether such events are actually current, or even "events"

Who wants to go first?

I don't mind chasing thunder.
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Posts: 1740

new Posted: 03:44PM Oct 19, 2014

Harry, the rules of this forum is that something could be considered current for two months... then it is supposed to be locked out.

Take the battle with ISIS, it is sort of a current event, but has been going on for awhile. If discussion was done for this event, it technically would be locked out two months after no one is still discussing it; even if the event is still in progress. Those who wish to talk about it once it is locked out, only have to ask a current event mod to unlock it, and it should be done.

The Ebola epidemic is another one.

Regardless of whether anyone wants to discuss it, it is a current event.

A plane crash would be an instantaneous event, per your description and that is fine... but some times it takes a few weeks/months for circumstances to be known, so the event could trigger discussion for this entire time.

Obscure events that may not make national news might be just over night sensations that others may like to see more about. Links to show where the information is would be acceptable under Braingle rules... as long as another site is not being promoted.

I don't think we need to critically analyze and judge whether the event are current or even an event. It is a forum to share what someone on Braingle considers news worthy and current... no one has to judge whether the news is worthy of a separate topic or not. The mods do check out all new topics to make sure they follow the rules, but other than that, they are allowed.

"That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse." Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes
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Posts: 3039

new Posted: 01:51AM Oct 26, 2014

Well that about covers it then! How can anyone beat that?

I don't mind chasing thunder.
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Public Forums >> Current Events >>

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