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Are there no current events or is every inactive atm??


Posts: 1231

new Posted: 02:36AM Mar 14, 2015

Im interested in hearing whatever..... our news over here in nz is pretty boring..... also im trying to become active again..... so yeah talk it up....... I don't really mind what you want to talk about..... sports to politics

Well im going to start by saying isn't the cricket world cup doing great.... especially NZ!!!!


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Posts: 1743

new Posted: 10:52PM Apr 5, 2015

Spud, some things go in cycles. Currently in the US... though many things are in the news; the biggest items are the situations with the IS, North Korea war antics, and the ongoing Iran nuclear talks. Many things that were in the news a month ago have withered away. In my opinion, most things (especially the bad things) will wither away in a couple weeks if the news media didn't keep bringing it up... sort of giving these antics their 15 minutes of fame.

And this is not to say that "all" things will go away. I know our military are in areas of concern and I pray for them often. I wish it wasn't necessary; but the people that think trying to get rid of the infidels just don't always think the same way.

---This message was edited on 10:55PM Apr 5, 2015---

"That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse." Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes
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Posts: 2252

new Posted: 10:36AM Apr 6, 2015

Yeah, but no news is good news. Especially today.

See you 5/1/2016!
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Public Forums >> Current Events >>

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