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Leap Second


Posts: 6464

new Posted: 08:48AM Jun 30, 2015

Is everyone going to stay up tonight to add a Leap Second to their clocks?
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Posts: 3304

new Posted: 03:26PM Jun 30, 2015

Interesting, I've never heard of this before. The article says the second will happen at 8PM in New York, so that means it will happen at 5PM here in Cali? Not too long to go, but unless I have a party hat and apple cider, what's the darned point?

Seriously, though, I definitely agree that this second should be done away with, especially since it's a problem for certain programs. Why create immediate problems when no one will feel it for many, many years (the worst case - a slacker's wake up call - will probably not be felt by anyone as by that time we'll either all be dead, no longer have clocks, or have total control over time anyways).

Better yet, why not just add an extra minute every 60 years? Heck, it could be a historical moment of silence every few generations when people reflect on the last 60 years and halt business activity for a short time. Sounds kinda fun, actually.

Hating people who hate just creates more hate. Why not spread love and understanding instead? Why not spread love for America?
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Posts: 1867

new Posted: 07:12PM Jun 30, 2015

It does seem pretty stupid to me. I like the extra minute every 60 years... sort of like waiting for Halley's comet... but really wonder if it really is anything to be concerned with. One second... this will be "one moment in time" I hope doesn not screw up too many people. My clocks are within a minute, maybe two of the actual minute, what's a second to me!

Wait, according to the time table it already happened... wait... I'm checking... things still seem to be okay

---This message was edited on 07:13PM Jun 30, 2015---

"That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse." Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes
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