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How Can You Say It's A Duplicate?


Posts: 12

new Posted: 11:00PM Mar 3, 2013

I submitted a teaser that said:
Body: A plumber and a welder meet at McDonald's. While waiting in line they see a boy come in. That boy is the plumber's father's grandson and the welder's sister's nephew. How is that possible?
Answer: They are husband and wife.

You rejected it saying it's a duplicate of a teaser that says:
Body: A child is injured in an accident and is rushed to the hospital. The doctor takes one look at the child and says: "I can't treat him, that's my son." The doctor is not the child's father. How do you explain this?

Answer: The doctor is a woman and is the child's mother.

Are the teaser reviewers truly illiterate enough to think those are the same? They're modestly similar, but there is no way that they are duplicates. I expect an apology from you for wasting my time.
Be aware that many of your teasers copy ones from a board game word for word. You are likely violating more than 100 copyrights. If you fail to apologize, I will report this copyright violation.
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Posts: 227

new Posted: 07:22PM Mar 18, 2013

I agree, those aren't duplicates. But please remember, the reviewers are human too, and we all make mistakes.

But just so you know, I highly doubt reporting these as a copyright violation would get you any response. Braingle and/or the members of Braingle aren't claiming that these teasers came from them or their minds, and aren't trying to make money off of it. Therefore, copyright laws don't truly apply and the companies who make those games won't really care. In addition, the teasers didn't necessarily come from the board games originally. A lot of these have been circulating for decades, if not centuries, in some form or another. There are only so many ways you can put something. The people who submit these just wanted to share them with more people.

Threats like this don't work on Braingle. I'm sorry your teaser got rejected, and that you're angry about it, but it's only a brain teaser website. I wish you better luck in the future in submitting brain teasers.

Edit because Shadows doesn't approve of me apologizing on behalf of the people of Braingle.

---This message was edited on 11:00AM Mar 20, 2013---

"I'm through accepting limits cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but til I try I'll never know." -Wicked
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Posts: 370

new Posted: 02:10PM Mar 19, 2013

Plus, I'm pretty sure that's blackmail, which is also illegal.

---This message was edited on 02:10PM Mar 19, 2013---

Who needs a witty signature anyway?
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Posts: 804

new Posted: 03:04PM Mar 19, 2013

Changing the setting does not differentiate teasers. You just extended the way to call them mother and father while giving the mother a job that seems to be masculine. Its's not an exact duplicate, but it's close enough.

I'm just an ordinary average guy with nothing to lose.
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Posts: 4776

new Posted: 09:00PM Mar 19, 2013

The teaser doesn't even work, since the plumber and welder don't necessarily have to be husband and wife. In fact, they can both be male and childless.

Pete is a plumber and Warren is a welder. Pete has a father named Frank and a brother named Bob. Warren has two sisters, one named Susan and another named Sarah. Pete's brother Bob and Warren's sister Susan are married, and they have a son named John. John is the son of Bob, who is the son of Frank, who is the father of Pete; this makes John Frank's grandson, or "the plumber's father's grandson". John is also the son of Susan, who is the sister of Sarah, who is the sister of Warren; this makes John Sarah's nephew, or "the welder's sister's nephew".

Next time, please think twice before spurting out insults and threats at the very people who can help you. People are more likely to want to help a calm, kind person. You've got some nerve, demanding an apology for "wasting [your] time". The Editors volunteer their time to review teasers so we can feel the satisfaction of having contributed something to Braingle. Submitting teasers is a privilege, not a right. You chose to submit a teaser; please enjoy your privilege and do as the Editors say. If you don't want to do that, then don't submit anything. You won't be wasting any of your time that way.

In other words... #firstworldproblems

EDIT: Kitty-cat, that's not okay. I refuse to apologize to rude people.

---This message was edited on 09:02PM Mar 19, 2013---
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Posts: 1900

new Posted: 04:00AM Mar 20, 2013

kitty-cat wrote:
Braingle and/or the members of Braingle aren't claiming that these teasers came from them or their minds, and aren't trying to make money off of it. Therefore, copyright laws don't truly apply and the companies who make those games won't really care.

Actually, they do apply. See Snope's FAQ, for example. (I recall they said something about not letting anyone copy for any purpose. It was because that would reduce their revenue from adverts or something.)

'An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.' - Charles Dickens
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Posts: 216

new Posted: 05:37PM Jul 22, 2013

So wait, I've been infringing copyright by telling the boat-problem to my friends?

P.S Ideas cannot be copyrighted. Put a link to the board game here, and let's see if it does copy word-for-word. Proof is required, my friend.

Not being rude or anything, just informing you of law.

Ally or die. That is the motto of the new, REVAMPED version of Alliances I currently have. Alliances is a social game to the style of WWG and WTB. To learn more and/or play, PM me or check the public talkboxes. Come for a fun game!
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  Post from LogicalMath123 deleted on 12:35PM Apr 27, 2014.

Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9407

new Posted: 12:14PM Apr 27, 2014

I think this question has been answered and I'm locking it now before more heated posts are made.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
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