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Math Maze Teasers?


Posts: 7176

new Posted: 01:30PM Nov 13, 2013

I have some puzzles that I made years ago, but I'm not sure if the type of puzzle would have any chance getting accepted on Braingle, because they're a sort of maze. The idea is, you can move between two adjacent squares (never diagonally) only if the difference between the two numbers is a prime number. Example:

Begin at the 06 in parentheses and make your way to the 12 in brackets. You may move from one number to an adjacent number (but not diagonally) only if the difference between the two numbers is a prime number. For instance, you may move from a 4 to a 15 (or vice versa) because 11 is a prime number. Remember, 2 is prime, but 1 and 0 are not. Good luck!

30 32 30 39 10 08 09 14
19(06)33 20 40 01 20 12
40 21 06 08 37 39 40 09
27 18 34 03 33 22 23 21
08 20 03 33 35 21 22 24
15 28 01 22 27 40 25 20
10 03 29 12[12]11 16 18
23 14 27 15 17 35 22 11

I also have some of this kind of puzzle that have an interesting added twist. But I'm afraid that a maze is just not the right format to put on Braingle. Am I wrong?

Edit: Plus, I guess putting the solution into plain text would be difficult and awkward...

---This message was edited on 01:38PM Nov 13, 2013---

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Simulposter Extraordinaire
Posts: 625

new Posted: 02:46PM Nov 13, 2013

I think trying to write the solution would become the major road block. Otherwise, I really liked it. (The added twist was, of course, my favorite part. I won't give it away so that other folks can solve it on their own, even if it doesn't end up getting accepted.)

The only other issue I see here is the fact that, while the Prime Path is an interesting concept, it boils down to basic math and I'm not sure if the editors would consider that a teaser.

I could be wrong, though, and I had fun solving it.

---This message was edited on 02:48PM Nov 13, 2013---
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Posts: 7176

new Posted: 03:09PM Nov 13, 2013

Glad you enjoyed it dfamina. And I agree with both the issues you mention. Also, I'm not sure what you meant about the added twist, because when I said that, I was referring to other puzzles similar to this, but with ANOTHER rule added. But I'm glad you liked it and thanks for your input! I'll think about ways to denote the answers easily...

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Public Forums >> Writing Teasers >>

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