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New game suggestion: Forensics trainer


Posts: 1736

new Posted: 09:18PM Jan 25, 2013

Eh, I may have used the wrong word.

Anyway, the idea would be to study a picture for a few seconds and then answer questions about it. What was the man wearing? What color were his eyes? How many buttons went down his shirt? What street signs were in the background? Etc.

I have little doubt it would be possible to cheat, by copying the picture onto another page, kinda like with the Memory Tests. Hey, come to think about it, I'll bet this could make for a fourth such test, huh.

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Posts: 3381

new Posted: 01:39PM Feb 1, 2013

Thanks for the suggestion.

Have you visited Braingle lately?
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Public Forums >> Bug Reports & Feature Requests >>

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