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Unnecessary corrections part two


Kebab Warrior
Posts: 784

new Posted: 09:56AM Jun 1, 2013

Back in Feb 2012 I complained that many of my teasers than were about money had been edited to swap the UK Pound symbol (£) for the American Dollar symbol ($), despite there being no need for it as the teaser was neither incorrect or required editing. A quick glance at my teasers today shows me that this practice is still happening and is obviously being supported by the editors of this site as edits are being made and accepted just to swap the symbols.
Can you please point out to the editors that there is nothing wrong with the £ symbol and it does NOT require editing.

edited for spelling

---This message was edited on 07:03AM Jun 2, 2013---

Creationism, So much easier than thinking!
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Public Forums >> Bug Reports & Feature Requests >>

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