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Public Forums >> Bug Reports & Feature Requests >>

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Please Read Before Posting


Posts: 3394

new Posted: 11:17AM Jun 20, 2005

This forum is for reporting a bug or requesting a feature. If you have a question, please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) located here:

If you still have a question, try to determine if it is a question for a moderator, and editor or the website administrator. This forum is for questions to the website administrator only. Please do not answer any of the questions in this forum as all answers should be provided by the website administrator (Jake). If you post a question and it is not answered it is most likely because the question has already been answered somewhere on the site (FAQ, game rules, previous question, etc).

Please do not respond to bugs or feature requests by saying "Me too" or "When are you going to do this?" and please do not bump topics. All messages are read and everything is recorded so I will not forget it. If I didn't implement your request or respond to your message, its probably because I didn't think it would be good for Braingle. Nothing personal.

If the bug you are reporting can be exploited by bad people then please do not report it in the public forums. Instead use the Contact link located at the bottom of the screen and here:

Please do not post a feature request for a new game. We already have a huge list of great games that we want built someday.

Please do not post a bug report for Chat. We know that it is buggy.

If you just changed your avatar and it isnt showing up, its because your web browsers cache needs to be refreshed. Click the "reload" button a few times.

If your feature request is on the following list, then do not post it again because we already know about it and are either working on it or have decided not to implement it for a good reason.

- Moderate the chat room
- Multiple rooms in chat room
- Chat room stability issues
- Improve the Vocab Game
- Add a pronunciation key to the vocab word of the day
- Make the calculator available for reviewing teasers
- Ability to make corrections to Logic Grid teasers
- Tweak ranking and challenging system in chess/checkers
- Show correct number of days for next turn in chess/checkers
- Show number of people who have teaser on their favorite list
- Fix problems with forum threads being markes as read/unread incorrectly


---This message was edited on 01:35PM Jun 22, 2009---

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Posts: 3394

new Posted: 12:08PM Aug 28, 2006

Ideas that have been discussed and rejected for one reason or another. Please do not bring these up again.

- Give people an icon, similar to the happy face, for the average difficulty of their teasers.
- Allow reviewers to post comments.
- Put an icon adjacent to teasers that have been the teaser of the day.
- Show the number of Teasers of the Day that a user has had
- HTML inside your signatures.
- More colors in the chatroom or forums.
- Send a PM to multiple people.


---This message was edited on 11:29PM Jun 24, 2007---

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Public Forums >> Bug Reports & Feature Requests >>

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