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Ask a Quizmaster (cont'd)


Posts: 1732

new Posted: 03:29AM Mar 27, 2015

Is the thing about a comma before "and" in a list, such as
helium, neon, and argon
helium, neon and argon

a little pedantic if you don't mind me asking? I've had quizzes returned JUST for that and is it really worth waiting 2 months to have it returned for something nbody will even notice? It's not a major grammar error or anything

A bird in the hand is worth all the birds in all the bushes of the world, because if the other birds are in the bush, how will you sell them?
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Posts: 606

new Posted: 06:44AM Mar 27, 2015

Anyone who submits a quiz needs to follow the Quiz Making Guidelines:
Use commas to separate three or more words or phrases written in a series. Don't forget the last comma before the conjunction; it isn't optional. "I like grapes, apples, and oranges."

The QuizMasters don't pick and choose which rules to follow; we ensure quizzes follow all the guidelines.

There are two kinds of people: 1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
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