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Revised Rules for Music Category Quizzes


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new Posted: 06:32PM Mar 4, 2011

In recent months, several users have expressed concern over the decline in quality of the trivia section, more specifically, concerns over the overwhelming number of lyric based quizzes that do not have sufficient thought and effort put into them and may only be submitted for points, awards, or recognition. Many of the questions in these quizzes consist only of a partial/single verse with a blank or a few multiple choice answers and no explanation or further info on the artist or song. In addition, the quizzes themselves are very much the same as one another, merely going down a particular artist's catalog of songs. It is felt this shows little to no creativity or effort on the part of the author and makes the overall quiz uninteresting, resulting in a reduction of overall quality of the trivia section.

The purpose of the trivia section is to allow an author to create interesting quizzes that both entertain and educate other users on various topics. While we don't, at this time, wish to ban lyric quizzes, we feel action must be taken.

We will, for the time being, continue to allow submission of lyric based quizzes, but we will require more interesting quizzes of that type. As the Quiz Making Guidelines state: "Quizzes that are too easy or uninteresting will be rejected by the quizmasters." Therefore, any lyric based quiz that contains questions consisting only of partial/single lyrics with one or two missing words and no further info in the explanation will be first returned with a warning, then rejected if the changes are not made in subsequent submissions. Lyric quizzes should contain more information such as information about the person/group, information about the inspiration for the song, information about the album it is contained on, etc. Each question of the quiz will be subject to this scrutiny.

Please note that this only applies to quizzes that have NOT been approved on site already (prior to March 2011) so please do not begin submitting corrections of this nature on existing quizzes as those corrections will be rejected.

Thank you.

The difference between poison and medicine is usually a matter of dosage.
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