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Question: Human Intelligence Tasks


Posts: 5

new Posted: 12:08AM Nov 9, 2012

Hi, I've been doing some H.I.T.s because research is as much fun for me as games and quizzes. I have a problem though, out of maybe 15 of the fact checking tasks, only 1 included the correct answer in the "True or False" generated question. At first, I think I was reading it wrong, and thought that a "none of the above" option should be there for it to be correct, so I was marking it with the 2nd choice - something in the generated question made no sense. However, after a few more I realized that only one of these "True or False" answers would be generated, the correct answer in that case would be "False", The questions did make sense, and I'm new and over-thinking things. However, I just haven't been sure I was doing it right so I came here to see if the question had been addressed before. I found a specific post that said, " The name of the correct President should be included in the answer." Now, I think my first instinct may have been right. Could you please clear this up for me? The research is fun for me, but it doesn't do either of us any good if half my answers are unreliable because of a misunderstanding! Thanks for your time.
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Posts: 602

new Posted: 01:43PM Nov 12, 2012

Hi Obilio, there are only three "True or False" answers given, all of them are false. The one true answer is given as the "Fact". Here is an example of the first HIT I see:
Fact: Beatles sell over 1 billion disk and album
Category: Music > Rock
References: Reference #1, Reference #2 (you may want to find your own reference if these references are dubious)

Please examine the above fact and visit the reference websites to confirm that it is true.
This fact will be turned into a question automatically. Here are some examples:
Multiple Choice
Beatles sell over 1 billion disk and _______
A) record
B) chart
C) billboard
D) album

True or False
Beatles sell over 1 billion disk and record
Beatles sell over 1 billion disk and chart
Beatles sell over 1 billion disk and billboard

When someone is taking a fact quiz, this fact could be used two ways.
(1) as a multiple choice question (it would show the fact with a blank and the 4 options)
(2) as a true/false question, where either the fact would be given (true), or one of the three statements at the bottom (which are all false).
Hope this clears things up.

When you are reviewing facts, remember to check if the fact is a proper sentence with a capital and a period, and if the alternate choices make sense. In this case, the verb tense is wrong (it should be "sold" or "have sold"), there is no period, "disk" and the four choices should be plural, and the "chart" and "billboard" answers make no sense; no musician sells charts or billboards.
So this needs to be rejected as a bad question (alternate answer makes no sense), and inappropriate (grammar mistakes).

There are two kinds of people: 1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
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Posts: 5

new Posted: 03:40PM Nov 12, 2012

Dear Marc, Thanks very much for getting back to me, I just wanted to be sure.
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