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To Editors: Length of time to approve/reject


Posts: 17

new Posted: 12:02AM Jun 20, 2013

I am getting rather frustrated by the length of time it is taking to get teasers approved. I currently have two logic-grid teasers in the queue awaiting a decision. 'Scrabble Babble' was submitted on May 28th and has no votes either way at the time of writing. 'Pamper Day' was submitted for the third time on June 3rd with a request for the editors to suggest how I can submit an explanation of the answer, since it is too long to fit in the answer box on the submission form. To date, I have had no communication in response to that, and, again, only one vote.

The blurb in the My Teasers section says to allow up to one week for new teasers to be approved. Should this advice be revised?
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  Post from Mathgeek007 deleted on 01:57PM Jun 21, 2013.

Posts: 2950

new Posted: 11:28PM Jun 23, 2013

Please understand that all Editors are volunteers and have busy lives outside of Braingle. During the summer, most Brainglers take vacations and have other activities going on -- this includes our Editors as well. Please be patient.

Teasers take varying amounts of time to review. Logic-grid teasers do typically take longer for approval as each Editor voting must take time to work the teaser before he/she can vote. Puzzles that require specific knowledge Editors may not have also require research to offer a fair and informed vote. Typically, some teasers also require discussion sometimes even before Editors cast their votes. Just because a teaser does not show any votes does not mean it is not being discussed and considered for approval or rejection.

Normally suggestions are given regarding any teasers rejected with examples of problems found in a teaser. Also, there is a reason the answer box is size restricted. Brainglers will only read a reasonable length explanation. The Editors are not able to grant additional space. If the explanation needs to be that lengthy, it is likely that more information should be given in the teaser to allow for a shorter explanation.

In regard to your teaser, 'Pamper Day', the problem I am seeing is it requires detailed knowledge of very similar hair styles. For this teaser to work right and be solvable, the hairstyles need to be very clearly different and more recognizable to the average person with no salon experience. Very few people actually know what specific cut or hairstyle they wear. Also, extremely similar hairstyles and hair lengths should not be used.

I hope this answer helps.

Live life with no regrets!
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Posts: 17

new Posted: 01:33AM Jun 28, 2013

Thank you for your reply, Mysterious. My particular frustration with 'Pamper Day' is that it was first rejected after three weeks or so because one of the choices was deemed inappropriate. Fair enough; I changed it and resubmitted it. Another three weeks go by and it is rejected again as unsolvable. Why wasn't that noted the first time? And I couldn't correct it because I didn't know WHY it was unsolvable; I didn't know where the Editors were getting stuck with it. And so it takes another three weeks to get an explanation of that before I'm finally able to make some specific improvements to the teaser, over two months since it was first submitted.

I'm trying to make logic grid teasers that are a little more challenging and require some reasoning that is not just presented in black and white within the clues. Obviously there is a learning curve I need to go through and that requires clear communication. I just feel that the whole process could be significantly sped up if a dialogue is opened up between the Editors and the submitter; then the problems could be sorted out in a matter of days. You guys are probably sick of seeing this teaser by now!
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Papa Fish
Posts: 2111

new Posted: 01:25AM Jun 30, 2013

I do not know about the others, but I have not been sick of it. Also, if at any time you have a teaser that seems to be taking forever to get approved or rejected you can post a comment in here for some feedback and if you don't get a response soon enough, you are welcome to send me a note and if I am able, I will give you a gist of what is going on and can maybe get/give some feedback that might either speed things up, or even provide a solution. This has been done in the past, so might be done in the future. Also, I do not have enough money to take a vacation so am likely to be around. And yes, there is a learning curve in all the categories of teasers. I am still learning and have over 1/2 of my teasers still rejected, sometimes more than once. So, keep at it. Good luck.

---This message was edited on 01:26AM Jun 30, 2013---

I wish I could sleep... but my mind starts to wander, and well, basically, one sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, duck, Ol McDonald had a farm... HEEEY Macarena!!!
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