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What makes us trust someone?


Posts: 29

new Posted: 06:33PM Sep 6, 2012

its pretty hard to earn my total trust i'd say. They are only a few people who i would say have my total trust. Is that a bad thing?

I see that you are work here is done.
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Posts: 4455

new Posted: 07:50PM Sep 6, 2012

No. It depends on what you trust them with....

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Posts: 1214

new Posted: 08:37PM Sep 6, 2012

Trust should be earned, not a given, even for new friends. That doesn't mean that if you find a new friend and they are in your house you should watch their every move to make sure they are not there to rip you off... BUT - you should still be watching them a bit to make SURE they are not there to rip you off. Don't leave out valuables and figure that this is your friend and they would never take something of yours.

As an electrical contractor, people trust me almost at once and openly when I come into their home for something they want done. Not sure if this is a good idea for the first or second time you ever call someone to work in your home. For me, it is not a problem and also not a temptation... I have gone into homes where there is a small wad of cash on the dresser and my very first instinct is not... its a set up, they have counted every dollar and are testing you - or... if I slip out a 20, they probably wouldn't even notice it. My first instinct is - trusting folks. And I move on. I totally respect people's property... and would never think of doing something that I could not look at my grandson and say I did it.

I bet there is a number out there for how many contractors you can trust out of a 100 to not be trying to take advantage or steal from you.

I think a time comes when you just KNOW that you can trust a certain person. Another job situation... I got to know a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, back when he was just a lawyer some 20 years ago (we both coached soccer for our sons). He called me about 5 years ago to do some work for him. Since then, he has called me about 20 times for other things. He is never at home during the day... he leaves access to his house available for me. I enter, I punch in his security code for his security system, I do the work... and then leave, re-establishing his security system. To me... this is a trust I would never jeopardize. He knows what he is doing and how it could look if something came up lost and he had given out the password to his security system. We are only casual friends... but trusting ones. I feel it was earned.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. -Albert Einstein-
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Posts: 29

new Posted: 04:58PM Sep 7, 2012

Thank you RGW4. I agree with it should be earned not given.

I see that you are work here is done.
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Posts: 274

new Posted: 07:21PM Nov 18, 2012


When Miley Cyrus licks a hammer, its "art" and "music" but when I do it, I'm "wasted" and "have to leave home depot"
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