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Whats a dream to you?


Posts: 39

new Posted: 06:45AM Jun 30, 2013

I usually have dreams were a fox trys to kill me - extremely random. But what are dreams and why do you think we have them? Please post your opinions below like I have, thanks.

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Posts: 39

new Posted: 06:47AM Jun 30, 2013

Personally I think going to sleep is practise for when you die since you have no clue that your asleep. Dreams I think plan out your future and that's were 'deja vus' come from. Im not saying wolves are going to eat me (Since that's what happened in one dream) but im saying that the dream will be relative to something I do in the future. Example:

Dream: Wolf trying to kill me while I walk through my filed
When the Deja vu happens: While walking in my filed

After having a dream about a fox trying to kill me a few week later I saw a fox scamper across the horses stable and was i stuck in a deja vu moment, What do you think? We have hundreds of dreams a night but we don't remember them all and I think the ones we remember will relate to something BIG that will happen in the future. Others probably plan when you'll eat your tea and things.

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Posts: 1271

new Posted: 09:28AM Jul 1, 2013

Due to the fact that there is already an active topic called Dreams where this same material can be discussed, this topic is being locked. Thank you.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. -Albert Einstein-
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Public Forums >> The Human Mind >>

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