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Common knowledge test


Posts: 231

new Posted: 01:25AM Jul 7, 2013

This is a test one of my teachers showed us in high school and I just found and I thought it would be neat to post here.

Take this test. Let's see how good you are on "COMMON KNOWLEDGE." No cheating! No looking around; no using anything on or in your desk. Can you beat 18? (The average.) Write down your answers and check answers after completing all the questions. No Cheating!

1. On a standard traffic light, is the green on the top or bottom?
2. How many states are there? (Don't laugh, some people don't know)
3. In which hand is the Statue of Liberty's torch?
4. What 6 colors are on the classic Campbell's soup label?
5. What 2 letters don't appear on the telephone dial? (No cheating!)
6. What 2 numbers on the telephone dial don't have letters by them?
7. When you walk does your left arm swing w/your right or left leg?
8. How many matches are in a standard pack?
9. On the United States flag is the top stripe red or white?
10. What is the lowest number on the FM dial?
11. Which way does water go down the drain,counter-or clockwise?
12. Which way does a "no smoking" sign's slash run?
13. How many channels on a VHF TV dial?
14. Which side of a women's blouse are the buttons on?
15. On a NY license plate, is New York on the top or bottom?
16. Which way do fans rotate?
17. Whose face is on a dime?
18. How many sides does a stop sign have?
19. Do books have even-numbered pages on the right or left side?
20. How many lug nuts are on a standard car wheel?
21. How many sides are there on a standard pencil?
22. Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc. Who's missing?
23. How many hot dog buns are in a standard package?
24. What is zero divided by zero?
25. On which playing card is the cardmaker's trademark?
26. On which side of a venetian blind is the cord that adjusts the opening between the slats?
27. On the back of a $1 bill, what is in the centre?
28. There are 12 buttons on a touch tone phone. What 2 symbols bear no digits?
29. How many curves are there in the standard paper clip?
30. Does a merry-go-round turn counter clockwise or clockwise?

Answers in white

1. Bottom
2. 50
3. Right
4. Blue, red, white, yellow, black, and gold
5. Q , Z
6. 1,0
7. Right
8. 20
9. Red
10. 88
11. Counter (unless you happen to be south of the equator)
12. Towards bottom right
13. 12 (no #1)
14. Left
15. Top
16. Clockwise as you look at it
17. Roosevelt
18. 8
19. Left
20. 5
21. 6
22. Bashful
23. 8
24. There is no answer. You can't divide anything by zero! Try it on your calculator.
25. Ace of spades
26. Left
27. ONE
28. *, #
29. 3
30. Counter

I'm back
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Posts: 1888

new Posted: 05:15AM Jul 8, 2013

26. On which side of a venetian blind is the cord that adjusts the opening between the slats?

Yeah, not knowing this one has caused me quiet a bit of embarrassment,

'An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.' - Charles Dickens
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Posts: 1383

new Posted: 09:41PM Jul 8, 2013

I basically got 3 wrong, but a third one is disputable #16 (though I got it right because I figured they were talking about table top models).

#4... haven't had Campbell soup in a while, got 3 colors and just gave up... figured they were common colors.
#13.. I said 13 - but not because of the #1, but because our TV always had a UHF channel on the knob for the Ultra High Frequesncy channels.
#15... I said bottom... not too many of these plates driving around Los Angeles to be real familiar with them - so I guessed!

Now #16... the fan question. Table top models are designd to go clockwise, but a ceiling fan to produce cool air for those below needs to be set to go counter-clockwise. It is still a fan, so basically, either answer would be correct depending on the type and style - question was not specific enough.

Glad to see the drain direction was clarified... I would have disputed that one for our southern hemisphere friends.

---This message was edited on 09:42PM Jul 8, 2013---

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. -Albert Einstein-
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Posts: 231

new Posted: 12:15AM Jul 9, 2013

RGW if you google us license plates you will see that every state has the state name at the top.

JQ this is a test to see how much you pay attention to your surrendings.

I'm back
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Posts: 800

new Posted: 08:23AM Jul 9, 2013

Nope, 20% have them on the bottom.

I'm just an ordinary average guy with nothing to lose.
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Posts: 1383

new Posted: 10:41AM Jul 9, 2013

The test says no cheating... it would have been easy to get them all right if I took time to google the answers for those I wasn't sure...but that defeats the idea of the test.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. -Albert Einstein-
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Posts: 360

new Posted: 09:09PM Dec 9, 2013

I would argue that #24 has an answer... the answer is "undefined".

"Wir müssen wissen, und wir werden wissen." -David Hilbert
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