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Deaf and Blind


Posts: 1877

new Posted: 09:04PM Jan 18, 2014

What do think life would be like if you were blind and deaf? (Also assuming that, since you are deaf, you are also mute.)

I'm only slightly insane.
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Posts: 227

new Posted: 07:08PM Jan 19, 2014

Dark and quiet.

More seriously, it would depend on whether it was from birth or it just suddenly happened. I can't imagine what it would be like from birth. But if it just happened...well, it would really suck.

I know I could probably learn Braille and sign language. I suppose I could still type, too, although I would never know if I made a typo or not. I would still be able to communicate with people. I could find my way around my own house well enough, just from almost 15 years of living here. The thing that would be hardest for me would be not ever being able to listen to music again. I would rather be blind than deaf, if just because of that.

I can hardly imagine what living like that would be like. It would be hard, but still possible to have a life.

"I'm through accepting limits cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but til I try I'll never know." -Wicked
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Posts: 1877

new Posted: 09:20PM Jan 19, 2014

From birth?

I'm only slightly insane.
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Posts: 143

new Posted: 11:08PM Jan 19, 2014

If it's from birth, then I think I really can't imagine my circumstance being any different than what it would be now. It would be normal to me. Other than learning that others could see and hear when I can't, I don't think I would find life "difficult", and probably accept that I need assistance to get through life since I wouldn't know otherwise. Wouldn't even know in full what the concepts of seeing and hearing are.

Though I am interested in how someone blind and deaf would learn about the world around them.

Art is a passion...fruit.
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Simulposter Extraordinaire
Posts: 625

new Posted: 02:33PM Jan 24, 2014

I think it would actually be very different to have been blind and deaf from birth as opposed to it occurring later in life. (I'm wondering if this shouldn't be in the Debate section, but I'll let the Mods worry about that)

Being born with it, you wouldn't be aware that anything was missing since that's how things have always been. This reminds me of a study done on a condition known as Anosognosia, wherein a person suffering from a disability has no awareness of it, though the simple lack of awareness is where the similarity ends.

Source: From Wikipedia

I would like to know how someone like that would learn about what Braille is, let alone how to understand it. But to go blind and deaf after having been able to see and hear? As kitty-cat said, it would suck. There would be that sense of loss, and the ever-present thoughts of what you used to be able to see and hear. Not to mention having to learn to depend on your other senses, whereas someone blind and deaf from birth would've been doing this all his or her life.

To keep from drifting from the topic, I'll stop here.

---This message was edited on 10:25AM Mar 11, 2014---
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