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Plagiarism and reused questions


Posts: 513

new Posted: 02:42PM Dec 8, 2009

The QMs have noticed a rise in the amount of plagiarized material being found in submitted quizzes.

Braingle's QMG says the following regarding plagiarism:
Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is copying something from another source and passing it off as your own. It doesn't matter where you copy it from (Braingle, Wikipedia, another website, a book, a magazine, etc.). Everything should be in your own words. Plagiarism will cause your account to be blocked from creating quizzes.
If a submitted quiz is found to contain plagiarized material, the author will be given ONE warning/resubmit and a request to remove the plagiarized material. This means the author will also lose one chance to revise other errors and get the quiz published. If the quiz is re-submitted and still contains plagiarized material, it will be rejected. Should plagiarized material escape notice until the third resubmission; the quiz will be rejected.

In addition, simply adding or removing one or two words is not an acceptable form of revising plagiarism. Each question, answer, explanation, title, or summary found to contain plagiarized material must be completely re-written or replaced.

On another note, please check quizzes already accepted on site on the same subject as you are submitting a quiz on to make sure that you are not asking the same questions - even if they are worded a bit differently. Your quiz will be more interesting if the questions are new and not just recycled questions from other quizzes.

Thanks for understanding our positions as QMs and our request that the Guidelines put into place by the site creator are followed.

---This message was edited on 12:58AM Dec 9, 2009---

The difference between poison and medicine is usually a matter of dosage.
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Posts: 1231

new Posted: 01:47AM Oct 19, 2011

That seems fair, especially seeing that there aren't many quizmasters so their jobs are really hard at the moment.

Check out my wiki.
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Posts: 5

new Posted: 08:44AM Aug 16, 2013

I recently submitted a teaser.This teaser is in my words,but it is a trick question and is not original.Will the be a penalty for this?Please reply,I am new here.Thank you.
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