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Quiz series


Posts: 31

new Posted: 11:15AM Mar 13, 2012

I recently submitted a quiz and it was returned with the comment, "This title was used by another user, adding a "II" is viewed as hijacking another user's series. Please choose a new title."

I understand the need to be courteous to other users. It was a series I enjoyed and thought I would continue it. I sent the original author an email and waited at least a month before I submitted the continuation. I looked today and the original has not logged in for 95 days.

Should I just not continue the series, or is there an acceptable amount of time to wait?

"For me, the saxophone is a way of expression" - Kenneth Thomson
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Posts: 508

new Posted: 12:07PM Mar 13, 2012

While we appreciate your efforts to clear the continuation with the original author, we are opting to just keep the guidelines simple and not allow continuations by different authors.

The difference between poison and medicine is usually a matter of dosage.
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Posts: 274

new Posted: 07:21AM Nov 6, 2012

Possibly just start another quiz series and give it a different title.
That's. My suggestion.

When Miley Cyrus licks a hammer, its "art" and "music" but when I do it, I'm "wasted" and "have to leave home depot"
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Public Forums >> Trivia and Quizzes >>

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