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Who's the Boss - 101


Posts: 2120

new Posted: 04:44PM Nov 15, 2008

As a new member of Braingle, some of you might be curious about the game called "Who's the Boss". I've noticed that a lot of new players sign up and then immediately get fired for inactivity. No one likes this, so here's "Who's the Boss 101" - a place where your questions about the game can be answered.

You can post your own questions, and any experienced player can answer!

Question 1: What is required for participating in the game?

A: After you sign-up for the game, read the discussion posts, especially posts from the moderator. Some moderators have extra requirements that you may need to know about. Make sure you understand any extra "quirks" that specific game requires.

Check back whenever you log on to Braingle - if you are chosen as boss or rat, you'll need to know as soon as possible.

In a basic game, you need to vote before the round ends to stay in the game. You are automatically fired from the game if you don't vote - a good basic rule is to vote as soon as possible. You can always change your vote later, and votes are private.

If the game round lasts 24 hours, that means you should plan on logging onto Braingle once a day, just to keep up with the game. How active you are in game posts is up to you, but more interaction between players makes it more fun.
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Posts: 231

new Posted: 11:47AM Feb 22, 2011

when you are the rat how do you hack the system

I'm back
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Posts: 3059

new Posted: 03:08PM Feb 22, 2011

During the round, there will be a button that says "Hack the System" on the 'Voting/Memo' page. You'll have to scroll down to see it.

All you have to do is click the button before voting for the round ends. Good luck

---This message was edited on 03:08PM Feb 22, 2011---

WW database -
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Posts: 231

new Posted: 06:52PM Feb 27, 2011

Where do you go to see the post from braingle about the manadtory firings

I'm back
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Posts: 3059

new Posted: 05:48PM Feb 28, 2011

Information about mandatory firings can be found in the WTB Rules section. You can find the link to them at the top of the WTB page. Under the subtitle of "Voting" you can find what leads to mandatory firings:

In each round of the game, the employees will cast votes for the Boss. The Boss and the Rat do not vote. The voting deadline will be clearly indicated. If you do not vote by the deadline, you will be instantly fired due to poor work performance. You may change your vote at any time up to the deadline.

It implies mandatory firing.

WW database -
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