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The movie has come and made its rounds on the big screen, now it awaits the DVD outcome. Most of our neighbors have been talking about it.. though it may be a lot of hype for a movie that could bust... but hey, we still had our moment!

The trailer that came out...
My house is only shown a little bit ... it is the tan house behind the people in the opening scenes... and when they show the police cars. It is the home of Mrs. Cutter, she's the lady that comes to the door of the wife of the stepfather.

Update Oct 1, 2009:
There is a home page for the movie which is still set to open on October 16th in theaters near you.
and on this home page is a game, found at
I mention the game, because in the opening scene, the stepfather is shown standing at the top of some stairs looking down into a basement. This is supposedly our basement, though this is the one created at the studios. Pictures below shows these stairs... note that the kitchen ceiling we have has been recreated in the studio. By the way, I found all 10 items but still get caught by the stepfather every time... maybe my computer is too slow or there really is no winning this game!

April 2, 2009... the new poster for this movie is out... now read the story - well... at least about my house

This is for the remake of "The Stepfather". They are preparing to have a rain storm. The crane is lifting hoses and pipes that will create this storm. This shot is from my front yard, looking across at the home of 'The Stepfather'. The 2 actors in this scene, Penn Badgley & Amber Heard

Before the movie is complete, Mrs. Cutter will be killed in my basement! My house is the second major home in this movie, and I find this soooo cool!

This is what the studio stairs look like at the beginning of the prep work. We were unable to return to see the finished look, but this will be the view they use for the actual scene. The scene was shot during the first week of April 08 and I understand the stairs were padded with some foam for the stunt double. It was nice to know they did not actually throw an 82 year old woman down the stairs! If you play the game on the official website for The Stepfather... it opens up with a scene of David looking down into the basement... look closely, in the background is this kitchen grid!

They rebuilt my kitchen ceiling gridwork on the set to match the following picture.

This is what my basement stairs look like from the basement up. Mrs. Cutter is the name of the woman that was thrown down into the basement. The actress's name is Nancy Linehan Charles. The pipe handrail on the left side is a studio added one. We normally have a handrail on the right side.

All floors that any of the workers could walk on were covered with either plastic or cardboard, and it will be removed the day of the shoot.

The light at the top of the stairs was actually changed in my house on April 11th because it had to match what they used in the studios. I will have to wait for the movie to verify it is even seen!

This is what our living room looks like for the movie. The bird cage (on the right) and a Singer sewing machine (on the left) are all that belong to us in this picture, everything else the studio brought in...including the salmon colored paint. They did paint it back after the shoot. I will also include a picture of the living room after they restore it so you can see how much they changed it. (normal view below)

This is what our living room normally looks like.

This is our front porch - at least half of it. Nothing out here is ours. Some of you wonder what I look like, look at the reflection of the window...I am the one behind that bright light!

This is what our front porch normally looks like, I love to sit in the chair next to the outside rail almost every evening during the spring through fall months.

This is our neighbor's house again during the day with all the cranes there. This is before the night shot that they filmed "in the rain". Please note that the third story on my neighbors house is not real. It was added in two days by the film crew, and it will be removed two days after the final shoot on April 14, 08. The wisteria in the front is fake and the awning over the front of the house was added in also - all to be removed soon.

This is my front yard on one of the nights they filmed. Sorry it is so dark, but night has arrived. It was the same night sequence as the rain storm for the neighbor's house. In this scene Penn Badgley & Amber Heard drive up in front of our house in the rain, talk in their car (I will have to wait for the movie to come out to know what they said), he jumps out of the car and runs to the backyard of his house in the pouring rain...and *cut, print* I never saw her drive away or the next scene. You can see some of the monitors that they use to view the scene. The ones on the left side (which you can only see a couple of) are used by the directors and the ones in the foreground are just used by some of the other personnel that want to see how things are turning out.

This is my dining room - movie style (normal view below)

This is what our dining room normally looks like.

This is the rail in our Dining room that the director changed at the last minute so all of these cats could be seen in one movie scene.

If you look real close at the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen, you will see some marks in the doorway. These belong to us. They are the marks we used to watch the growth of our kids. I had to make sure the movie people did not paint these for any reasons. While they were filming, they did move between the kitchen and the dining room, and this doorway was shot. I highly doubt anything will be seen, but you can bet your bottom dollar we are hoping these marks are seen in the transistional picture.

This is what the rail in our Dining Room normally looks like. For the movie, it is stuffed with cat statues.

This is the director, Nelson McCormick setting the scene with Nancy Charles (aka Mrs. Cutter) on my front porch

This is what our door area normally looks like. Notice the little welcome sign, it will be in the movie. Also notice we have a mail box that drops into the house. For the movie, they blocked this with flowers, as Mrs. Cutter had to have a reason to go out front and pick up her mail to see "The Stepfather".

They are preparing for the close up shot on my porch

This is Mrs. Cutter talking to the cat trainer. The cat is here too - see the tail!?

This scene is setting up where the camera is going to follow Mrs. Cutter across the street.

This is just a shot of the monitors. It is about 8 at night. They sure use bright lights.

This is a night shot of the front of my house. If you look real close, you can see Mrs. Cutter in the foreground and the director's tent area is on the right. This is one of my favorite shots, just because of the time of day and the view.

This is our master closet after the studios removed everything in it and put their items in it.

This is the same master closet on the day of the filming, where they completely covered everything they had previously done the Friday before, and made the closet much smaller. I believe they did this for a place for the cameraman and the animal trainer to go...they went behind these clothes, in the closet...and could shoot out into the room as Mrs. Cutter reached in to retrieve her cat just shortly before her death.

I think my point is that there's a lot of wasted time and money to set scenes up that at the last minute are changed. They like to call it movie magic!

This is my basement wall. There is one autograph missing and that is of the actual Stepfather, Dylan Walsh. He was busy shooting his final scene across the street. I am not an autograph hound, I just thought having them sign my wall would be different and a conversation piece. The director was smiling ear to ear afterwards and as he walked away I heard him say, "No one has ever asked me to sign a wall before". I will wait to see if he repeats this on the Jay Leno show when he promotes the show! (yeah, right)

This is two days after the shooting is neighbor's 3rd floor is coming down.

Note the filming at my home took place on April 14th, 2008. I took so many pictures that I had to download my memory card to clear it so I could take more. I selected a few prime pictures and posted them here. It was a great adventure...and now as our home has been fully restored the way it was, we can live with the memories!

This was given to me at the end of production. The other side says Cast.

I hope you have enjoyed the re-making of the movie The Stepfather came out October 16th, 2009 and look for my house in it! The DVD is supposed to come out in the early spring of 2010... I guess I will buy a copy regardless of how the movie reviews were... because... HEY... I can stop and look at my house on the big screen and do a slo-mo on scenes inside my house!

On IMDB you can call up The Stepfather and it has a list of most of the actors in the show, and it does includes Mrs. Cutter. It earned more than it cost to make, so I guess in one regard it was worth making!



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