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This page includes all of the WTB games I've played, ever. Separated into Gen 1 and Gen 2 (please visit me if you don't know what that means.) DP, mostly by order of game numbers.

Thanks to SCIENCESTEVEN and RHYTHMIC for the idea!

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Game Number: 2797
Notes: Pretty sure this was my first game.
Game Number: 2806
Notes: This one was very fun, if I remember correctly.
Game Number: 2822
Notes: My first modding... Was abandoned though, because I went to the beach in the last round.
Game Number: 2826
Notes: Ah, not much to say. Fun game, though.
Game Number: 2839
Notes: This was an important game in the history of Braingle. Bob the Unicorn made one of this first Braingle apperences, and I became good friends with bj here.
Game Number: 2841
Notes: Okay, not exactly MY (dangerouspie101's) game, but oh well. Still funny.
Game Number: 2842
Notes: Bob made another apperence here. Although I was fired early in, most of my good friends were here, so it was a very fun round 0.
Game Number: 2847
Notes: Ha, very fun! Partner game inspired one of my fun games, although I was almost sued for copyright issues...
Game Number: 2849
Notes: Again, not exactly me.
Game Number: 2852
Notes: I remember this one... Pretty fun.
Game Number: 2856
Notes: I was only in the beginning of this one, because I left to go to Disney, and was inactive. (I finally learned to type in this game, though!)
Game Number: 2863
Notes: Ah, great game! Great discussion!
Game Number: 2869
Notes: EPIC. Well, from what I read it was. I don't remember much, and I wasn't very active at this point.
Game Number: 2874
Notes: This only TRULY was epic. It was my first time being boss. I wish the memos/psyche questions were still up, because mine were amazing! (If I do say so myself.) Also influenced a rule in one of my later games.
Game Number: 2882
Notes: I wouldn't exactly count this as a game I was in, considering I only posted once. Oh well.
Game Number: 2900
Notes: This was not only Gen 1 DP's last game, but bj's last game as well. I wasn't active very much during this game.

Game Number: 3007
Notes: Ah, my first Gen 2 game. Also... the first of the rat attacks.
Game Number: 3009
Notes: Second game in a row modded by HABS, second game in a row the rat.
Game Number: 2997
Notes: Wooh! I caught a game that had started 3 months previously! Many of my new Gen 2 friends were in this game. Also, the random generator gave me a break; I was not rat this round.
Game Number: 3030
Notes: Wow, what a jump in game numbers! Alas, the random generator, again, made me rat. Very fun, for the short time it lasted. The talkbox Sammie and I got is still up!
Game Number: 3032
Notes: VERY fun game. Although it was a bit ironic that Sammie was the boss twice in a row!
Game Number: 3036
Notes: Many sorrows to Stevie... I was a mandi first round. And the game looked so fun!
Game Number: 3039
Notes: Gen 2 DP's first attempt at modding. We encountered two inactive bosses in a row. So.....
Game Number: 3045
Notes: ...REMAKE! Yes, this game was very sucessful. A sequel is to come soon.
Game Number: 3048
Notes: I was sitting in this one for a while, deemed it inactive, and left.
Game Number: 3055
Notes: Okay, this game was part of a prank. Nevertheless, very fun! Round two the boss didn't grab a pillow, and was therefore 'fried'.
Game Number: 3059
Notes: As Stevie promised, it was quick!

If you've scrolled all the way down to the bottom, I don't blame you. It IS quite a few words. Go back to my home page, if I haven't scared you away yet.

This is the personal page of dangerouspie101 and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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