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12:04 pm

People :: dangerouspie101 :: Wiki :: UNICORNS

*a unicorn trots up to you, licks your ear, and walks to my side*
Ah, yes. This is Bob. Bob. The. Unicorn. He's my faithful, loyal, beautiful stead.

What does Bob look like, you say? Well, this is my drawing of him, although it might not exactly be accurate.


Bob isn't a normal unicorn, either. He has opposable thumbs, which is how he eats sugar. That's the other thing: he ONLY eats sugar. Nothing else. (I once ran out of sugar, and tried to feed him Splenda. Big mistake.) His other hobbies include sitting on roofs, and licking people's ears.

Bob has a girlfriend named Taylor, who lives in Canada, with bj.

So, now for the fun part. The interview.

Have a question you've been DYING to ask Bob? Well, now you can! Bob will be open for interviews, from now until forever.
Contact me, dangerouspie101, via PM with any interview questions.

I will now turn the keyboard over to Bob.

Q. Why are you so cool? (sciencesteven)
A. Because I am. No other reasons. *fixes black shades*

Q. What your relation to Taylor? (sciencesteven)
A. She's my girlfriend. (Wasn't this mentioned earlier, dude?) I even have pictures of her on my fridge.

Check out all my other 'awesome' stuff from my home page!!!!

This is the personal page of dangerouspie101 and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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