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People :: dangerouspie101 :: Wiki :: all-my-twg

This page includes all of the TWG games I've played, ever. Separated into Gen 1 and Gen 2 (please visit me if you don't know what that means.) DP, mostly by the order of game numbers.

Thanks to SCIENCESTEVEN and RHYTHMIC for the idea!


Game Number: 2712
Notes: My first game. This was not pretty. I had no idea how to play, was a wolf, and poured my heart out in the question that the mod had asked me. People caught on, and I was shot the first round.
Game Number: 2705
Notes: This was the first game I really actually played. It gave me a much better impression of the game!
Game Number: 2719
Notes: I was a wolf yet again. Almost everybody was inactive, and I slowly killed off all the active players.
Game Number: 2720
Notes: Well... I didn't last very long in this game.
Game Number: 2729
Notes: Fun game, although I had to postpone my game I was about to mod to join this one...
Game Number: 2743
Notes: My first modding! Wooh! This game was probably the best game to have existed. It will have a remake soon, so please look out for it!
Game Number: 2767
Notes: A bit of a jump in numbers here... I think I might have missed a game inbetween these. Oh well. This was very fun.
Game Number: 2777
Notes: My second modding attempt, although it was not nearly as sucessful as the first.
Game Number: 2785
Notes: Oh, Gen 1 DP's last game... It was great one, though!

Game Number: 2975
Notes: WOOOH! This game started on my birthday! Oh yeah, it was fun too. I met Stevie here.
Game Number: 2973
Notes: Ah, I can't say much about this one, as I was kilt round one...
Game Number: 2987
Notes: My first modding since I returned. Very fun! Sibling wolves won the game.
Game Number: 2992
Notes: My first Sleepless Nights Game... And I only lasted a few rounds.
Game Number: 2994
Notes: This was one of the best games I've played! I was a wolf, and ALL three of us wolves made us to the last round!
Game Number: 2997
Notes: Ah! Fun game, although I didn't last long.
Game Number: 3004
Notes: This game had a long wait, but it was worth it! Great game!
Game Number: 3021
Notes: Well, I got murdered early on, but overall it was very fun!
Game Number: 3026
Notes: I didn't participate much in this one.

Ah, the end of the list. This one isn't nearly as long as the all-my-wtb one! Anyways, if you're bored, go back home!

This is the personal page of dangerouspie101 and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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