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12:29 pm

People :: dangerouspie101 :: Wiki :: friends

Ah, yes. Friends. I have many friends... And I'd like to make this section of my wiki for them. LITTERALLY FOR THEM.

There is a questionaire which you, my friends, or even random people, can fill out. I will post all questionnaires sumitted on my wiki. Each questionaire will receive its own wiki page. On that page, the submitter of the questionare will be allowed to add ANYTHING else they want to appear. That's right: ANYTHING. Pictures of cats, insults directed towards me, or even philosophical musings. I won't edit any of it, and I won't ban anything.

Here, at dangerouspie101, you can find an example that I, myself, filled out.

Please PM me with your answers to the questionaire, and anything else you want to appear on your page.

Thanks beta testers!


SaraGrace! (The first to submit, thanks!)
hermygranger123! (The second to submit, mere minutes after Sara!)
SilverWitch! (The third to submit, again mere minutes behind hermy!)
sciencesteven! (Oh, so close Stevie...)
MDCTeasers! (Yet another beta tester!)
eighsse! (Note to self: NOT eighsee)
iamsam4! (Uh, sorta...)
2234322! (Pail!!!)
sadface256! (She back!)
LogicalMath123! (Because he was bored, which is a very good reason.)
flying_free (Woah, first one in a while!)

I would also like to give a recognition to all my inactive Braingle friends.

And, you may now return home.

This is the personal page of dangerouspie101 and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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