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If you would like to leave a message for froggy's Guest Book, just PM me and I'll hop back here and enter your message!


bpkeller on April 23, 2006: Although your wiki is under construction, I like it a lot. Must be even better when it`s not under construction.

tinman on May 27, 2006: It lookes spastacular! Make sure the time under construction is spent with a lot of care and cool pages...
Don Tinmairdo

Question_Mark on July 17, 2006: I like how your wiki looks a lot, so far. I noticed some pages were empty so it will be interesting to see how much better your wiki will look then.

Sherilyn on August 8, 2006: Ur wiki is frog-tastic! All frogs! very cute! I love it. hope u finish it and it will be even more better!

reddragon on August 19, 2006: Great wiki froggy! You really have some good ideas. You should be proud of your wiki. Nice family too!

Shriya on September 11, 2006: Indeed Mrs. Froggy, your wiki is superb: a result of careful planning and hard-work. I can't wait to see the outcome when its fully updated! You rock, i mean HOP!!!

muzikmafiafan on September 30, 2006: i love your wiki and the pictures and poems on it.

kissy_heart000 on October 18, 2006: love the wiki. if it looks that good under construction i wander how good it will be after it is done. also nice touch with the moving frog. i really love it.

kalarone on November 8, 2006: Well I really like frogs too. Your wiki is awsome keep up the great work.
Frog are the Bomb!!!

mik512 on November 9, 2006: Cool wiki Froggygg

parayik on December 18, 2006: Frogs rule da world!

violinist3746 on May 16, 2007: hey i think ur wiki is pretty cool! i luv it!

PRAragorn on November 2, 2007: Your wiki looks fantastic! I can't wait to see what it will look like when you are done constructing it!!!

Landi on January 31, 2008: I love your wiki. Nice Frogs.

Brainy_1 aka Smiley on February 27, 2008: Diva, I love your wiki. There's so much to look at, even though it's still under construction. Cool stuff!! Very colorful too!! Your smiley friend! ;-)

TRILLIONAIRE on March 6, 2008: Awesome wiki. Great job Froggy.

sgtammo on March 24, 2008: I love your wiki. Did anyone ever tell you that you have a very handsome husband?

buttons03on May 21, 2006: I just visited your wiki....and it rocks. It reminds me that I need to work on mine. But I really like it, you did a great job!

strategery on June 2, 2008: Froggy, your wiki is the most impressive, visually stimulating, comprehensive wiki I have ever seen!

bap3395 on August 1, 2008: Sweet Wiki pages

rush2 on July 25, 2009: Very good job on your wiki. i really liked it.

Burnt_Toast on December 22, 2009: I have vistited your AWESOME wiki. I am asking what happened to the Haunted Hotel

miww on January 10, 2010: hi to u frog-guest book

Wolf_Spirits93 on April 7, 2010: I love your wiki!

Yazmeen on December 6, 2010: I loved your haunted house story! It was very fun. The images that went with it were amazing!

ka-ching on January 20, 2011: I finally got to a place that has internet enough to let me see your wiki. Let me say that it is fantastic! Makes me feel right at home. You should be proud of your work. What an amazing accomplishment. I could never do this; you have a gift.

LuvDov on February 17, 2011: Your wiki is awesome xD it's so huge and it looks really nice. I like it, good job on it! (:

GreenApples27 on February 17, 2011: Your wiki is fantastic - one of the best braingle has ever seen.

spud on April 2, 2011: Hey there frog, how on earth did you do that, it is AWESOME, I LOVE it, you are da bomb man.


This is the personal page of froggygg and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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