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WW Glossary

General Concepts

SPV - Seer protection vote. The seer must vote each round in order to divine other players. Therefore, upon the start of a WW round, players immediately lock in a "SPV" so the seer can vote freely. The vote is often random, put on an inactive/noob player, or motivated by personal grudges from previous games.

MoO - Majority of One. This phenomenon most often occurs in Round 1 whereby there is only 1 vote for each shooting candidate.

‚í∂NARCHY - A variant of standard WW. The only two rules that exist are - 1)You're unable to post communications with the moderator (e.g. screenshots of mod PMs), and 2) You're unable to post direct proof of your identity (e.g. a screenshot of your ID). The first known anarchy game was #2858.

Must-lynch - A wolf must be shot in a "must lynch" round, or the humans lose because the number of wolves will be greater or equal to the number of humans. Also known in some circles as LyLo (Lynch or Lose).

Blitz - Used to describe an endgame (see: must-lynch) where the remaining wolves jump on a misplaced human vote to end the game. Best executed with the use of Wolf TBs.

Clean Sweep - For humans, when all the wolves are shot in a row without a human being shot. For wolves, when all the wolves survive till the end without being shot.

"Let's Shot Golden" - A contractual agreement between players to shoot a player who is otherwise useless. Proclaiming this is a form of consent, and thus makes the contract binding.

Runaway Majority - When players see a specific user (often noob, inactive, or unfamiliar) has an early majority, they quickly pile on more votes as part of a groupthink mentality. This usually leads to the round unnecessarily ending early and a human disadvantage. Not to be confused with the blitz, which is an intentional wolf strategy to end the game.


Persistent Defender - Used as a wolf tactic. When a player seems to be excessively defending a particular player for no valid reason, they are acting as the "Persistent Defender". Risk level: Medium

Bus/Bussing/Bussed - Used as a wolf tactic. When a wolf betrays a partner in order to (hopefully) gain some strategic advantage. That is, they are throwing them under the bus (hence the word). Risk level: Medium to High

Seericide - Seer claiming when you're not the seer. This is compared to suicide because, more often than not, it will result in your death within the next round. Risk level: High
- Smithy's Gambit - A seericide variation where a human claims seer to dispel boredom. Inspired by Smithy in game #2825. Risk level: Human loss

Reveal - Seer claiming when you actually ARE the seer. In this case, you explicitly reveal you are indeed the seer, along with a clearly outlined list of your divinations with their IDs. To maximize effectiveness and limit risk, a reveal must be timed correctly with a sufficient number of IDs to be helpful. Risk level: Low to High
- Sky's Bet (Gambit) - A variation where the seer bluffs a divination during the reveal in order to elicit a player reaction. Inspired by Skybet in game #3016. Risk level: Medium

Jayo Post - A post that seems to be constructive, but doesn't actually contribute to the game at all. Inspired by the player Jayo who mastered the art of such posts. Risk level: Low

Cab Defense - A defense that consists of nothing other than pleading that you are human. May or may not include phrases such as "I'm hunting wolves!", "Get your furry paws off me, I'm two-legged!", etc. Inspired by the legend Caberet. Risk level: Low

Har List - A list of suspects that is so vague and inclusive, it would be more impressive if it wasn't correct. Inspired by the player Sirhar. Risk level: Low

deb List - A thorough list outlining impressions or suspicions of every remaining player in the game. Risk level: Low to Medium

Pair Exclusion Principle - An advanced human tactic most effective as a late game or last resort strategy with two wolves remaining in the game. This tactic involves the use of a spreadsheet, and an analysis of the remaining potential wolf pairs. Risk level: Low

Houdini's Custard - A transformation in which a seemingly active player quickly turns inactive; resembling a 'disappearing act'. Inspired by the player and amateur magician OldCustard. Risk level: High

Chang vote - Self voting as an SPV. Risk level: Chang

Player Types

Inactive - A player who is not participating in the game. Expendability index: High
Semi-active - Posts and participates, but contributes little-nothing regarding the game or WW discussion. Expendability index: Medium
Active - Actively participates, posts, and contributes. Expendability index: Low

Activist Mod - Not to be confused with an active mod, the activist mod actively tries to influence the game in such a way that they may interfere with gameplay. Such practises include over-activity, unfair rewards, last minute rule changes, etc. that would significantly shift the advantage unpredictably or unannounced.

OFG - A special manifestation of the semi-active. Prefer to treat WWG as a tea party and quickly become upset when challenged.

Slayer - A special manifestation of the active. Highly aggressive and prone to violence; the antithesis to the OFG. Approach with caution.

Made in collaboration with Braingle's WW experts. Some words are not actively used, but just understood concepts. Please PM me if you'd like to suggest/correct an entry.

This is the personal page of harryputter and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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