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2:27 am

People :: harryputter :: Wiki :: say

(Do it because) the almighty harry putter says so. - Bonsall (skilled associate)

Exactly the type of person i want leading this TB - rolugomi (submitting to my authority)

HarryPutter is ... gods gift to humankind - Cab (seer of reality)

It's ... unforgivable to vote for HP, and one must be totally off in order to do so. - Cab (philosopher of our time)

hARRY WINS... - Sirhar (old guy)

Du er en charmetrold - Evita (saying something in Dansk)

Thank you captain - cookies466 (a respectable, tough cookei)

♥ you. :] - Hannzz (obv Braingle crush)

ur braingle cred: +1 - Life_Sucks (realizing my great reputation)

you can't argue with putter.... he Wins. - Wolf_Spirits93 (realistic person)

You're so neis - Evita (hot Danish chick)

bro ur ... funny but fresh - mathgirl (soul sis)

no1 harryputter fan - j0die

I bruvv you with all my heart - LuvDov/Fragilebird (the bruv of my life)

he is so easy to talk to and funny but he is really good at getting his BFF (aka me) in a pile of crap - BRAINIACGURL (BFF)

Oh, how we all love Harry Potter, Almost as much as we love HarryPutter... - aliceedwards (praiser)

Hello of great and wondrous person called HarryPut - aliceedwards

Thanks for demonstration of humility as always. - Ankitankurdit (smiling guy)

haha your pickup lines are pretty good - girliepie

Now that is the sign of a real man. - Smithy (referring to my manliness)

You're full of it - HermioneGranger (referring to how much love and greatness I have)

"Harry 'the rock' Putter" - radd_stuff (girl whose world I rock)

very humble!! - radd_stuff (acceptor)

half of the heat is from you putty - nima_m (perv extraordinaire)

Harry never doesn't not lose. - Celtichero (protege and under-study)

You rule man. - Celtichero

but harrii's taste is always right, dont h8 - Celt

From my experience the guy (harryputter) is a phenom at this game. - The_Spider (perceptive and wise)

You're an awesome person. - shlee (fruit lover)

I always knew putter was some sort of badass - orion (mentee)

HARRY IS AWESOME!!! - LoviePuppy (Awesome Vampire friend)

You may now be called wisest_now - wiser_now (humble)

I'm so sorry but I love you...(less than 3) - tinypenguin (facing the truth)

You're such a humble person - alli-palli (Captain Obvious)

yeah, i totally wanna make out with him. - seahorse6878 (admitting her secret feelings)

Calling you awesome would be an understatement.- Everyone else (actually I said it myself, but I'll accredit it to others so you will think this is actually the case)

*Actual quotes and paraphrases of what was said.*

Disclaimer: I cannot verify these people still maintain these opinions. I reserve the right to quote-mine, misrepresent, and otherwise take out of context quotes.


This is the personal page of harryputter and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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