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People :: jarmihi :: Wiki :: Miracles

Miracles in Active Store Revamped

The following is a list of every possible outcome of a Miracle item. Several factors go into the secret algorithm that determines the result of each particular Miracle, and the seed of that algorithm is randomized at the start of every new game.

Please note that the values for some of these items are set for a 20-player game and may not be exactly accurate for your WTB game. However, the proportion of each related item remains constant.

Gain 12 Points
Gain 16 Points
Gain 20 Points
All players gain 4 points
All players gain 6 points
All players gain 8 points
Reveal a 3 cuil Boss Clue
Reveal a 2 cuil Boss Clue
Reveal a 1 cuil Boss Clue
Point multiplier +1.5 for 24 Game Hours (GH)
Point multiplier +2.0 for 24 GH
Point multiplier +2.5 for 24 GH
Boss FP Rate -2
Boss FP Rate -4
Boss FP Rate -6
Mass Employment Insurance for 1 Round
Mass Employment Insurance for 2 Rounds
Permanent Mass Employment Insurance
Boss Loses 25% FP
Boss Loses 50% FP
Boss Loses 75% FP
Scry (or re-select)
Scry Twice (or re-select)
Scry Thrice (or re-select)
Time Travel to every failed Challenge simultaneously (or re-select)
Re-select twice, do both. (Re-select if re-selected)
Re-select thrice, do all three. (Re-select if re-selected)

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Guide to WTB Moderation

This is the personal page of jarmihi and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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