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our title is based off your enneagram type and wing. You can take the test here(first test/button):

When looking at your results, it is the first result in the form #w#, rather than Type #.

However, if you already know your enneagram type and wing, you can skip taking the test!

The Titles are as follows (6 are non-canon):

1w9- Agent 1w2- Heir

2w1- Maid/Usher 2w3- Idol

3w2- Prince/Noble 3w4- Thief

4w3- Page 4w5- Poet

5w4- Seer 5w6- Mage

6w5- Knight 6w7- Witch/Shaman

7w6- Bard 7w8- Rogue

8w7- Chief 8w9- Sage

9w8- Sylph/Zephyr 9w1- Priest

The next part of the test is determining what level you are in your enneagram type.

Go to and click on the number that corresponds with the FIRST number from your title.

For example, I got 1w2 (the Heir). So I go here.

Scroll down to the ‘levels’ and choose which one sounds like what level you are at.

I am level 3.

The last part of the test is your Aspect, based on the cattell 16 factor test here:

Here’s where things get a bit complicated.

After taking the test, look at your highest and lowest factors. If you get a tie between highs or lows, scroll down and decide which high score/low score corresponds to you best.

If your highest/lowest factors do NOT include Tension or Anxiety, then your aspect works as follows:

If you were level 1-4, your aspect responds to your highest factor.

If you were level 5-9, your aspect responds to your lowest factor.

HOWEVER, Tension and Anxiety work differently.

If you are level 1-4, then if your Tension/Anxiety is your LOWEST factor, then that is the factor your aspect corresponds to. If Tension/Anxiety is your highest, take your 2nd highest.

If you are level 5-9, then if your Tension/Anxiety is your HIGHEST factor, then that is the factor your aspect corresponds to. If Tension/Anxiety is your lowest, take your 2nd lowest.

The aspects are as follows (4 are non-canon):

Warmth - Light / Intellect - Mind

Emotional Stability - Blood / Aggressiveness - Blaze

Liveliness - Life / Dutifulness - Form

Social Assertiveness - Breath / Sensitivity - Heart

Paranoia - Keys / Abstractness - Space

Introversion - Void / Anxiety - Doom

Open-mindedness - Hope / Independence - Time

Perfectionism - Zen / Tension - Rage

So, since I scored highest on Assertiveness, I am the Hero of Breath.

After finishing the test, I am the Heir of Breath!

So what does all this MEAN?

Kanaya remarked that the titles were meant to CHALLENGE. The game of Sburb is all about growing up and becoming the best you can be.

What do the Titles mean?

The titles represent what you need to learn through the game.

Agents need to work to bring change and to set a good example for others

Heirs need to learn to communicate and organize and work with others to get things done.

Maids/Ushers need to take care of others, even if they go un-noticed.

Idols need to learn to share their talents without getting caught up in self-importance or narcissism.

Princes/Nobles need to learn to become less image focused and less narcissistic.

Thieves need to learn to trust others and become less image focused.

Pages need to learn to get out of the background and showcase themselves.

Poets need to learn to focus and expand/utilize their creativity.

Seers need to learn to utilize their intuition to guide others.

Mages need to learn to realize their skills and not get caught up in self-deprecation.

Knights need to learn to stand by their friends and remove the mask they put on for others.

Witches/Shamans need to learn to inspire and motivate, as well as stay optimistic.

Bards need to learn how to spread mirth and help others enjoy life.

Rogues need to learn control and independence.

Chiefs need to learn to channel their aggressive nature productively and to coordinate others.

Sages need to learn to calm their aggression into silent power and wisdom

Sylphs/Zephyrs need to learn to take care of others with their inner strength and power.

Priests need to learn to balance between others and teach others.

Well, where do the aspects tie in then?

Well, the game gives you the tools to best learn what you need to learn!

For levels 1-4, it means utilizing what you are best at. i.e., Feferi, the Witch of Life utilizes her high liveliness to motivate others and stay optimistic.

For levels 5-9, it means growing in an area that you need more of. i.e, Tavros, the Page of Breath needed to get out of Vriska’s shadow and come into his own by growing more bold and standing up to her.

I am conscientious with strong personal convictions: I have an intense sense of right and wrong, personal religious and moral values. I want to be rational, reasonable, self-disciplined, mature, moderate in all things.

This is the personal page of kittygirl19 and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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