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10:32 pm

People :: sciencesteven :: Wiki :: AllWWGsIvePlayed

I love WWG! It is awesome...and I have a record of every WWG I've ever played! HAPPY READING!
Moderator: Ihmisen
This game was horrible. I had a bad start! Not many of my current friends were in this one.
Name: Marvel Heroes
Moderator: themasterbrain
This was my first real game! It was fun, but I sort of won out of luck.
Name: Harry Potter House Game
Moderator: sciencesteven
My first attempt at modding! This game was very successful, and spawned sequels.
Name: Who's the Boss?
Moderator: sciencesteven
My second modding! It wasn't very good, and I don't like to mention it.
Name: Harry Potter House Game 2
Moderator: sciencesteven
Successful, fun, good rating, humans won, yay. This is where I met DP.
Name: Sleepless Nights 17
Moderator: Rhythmic
Fun, but I didn't know how to play still. Result: I got shot in Round 2.
Name: The Return of DP
Moderator: dangerouspie101
First (and only) time as wolf! I won! Yay!
Name: Harry Potter House III
Moderator: sciencesteven
Yes, I moderated again. Very succesful. Very fun.
Name: NFL Werewolf Game
Moderator: DaTrinity22
Fun game. Many inactives. We won.
Name: Mario Themed WWG
Moderator: sciencesteven
Another modding. I really don't know if it was successful.
Name: Riddles
Moderator: kmrutledge
This game was fun! Long wait, but it was worth it!
Name: Hogwarts House Game
This game was a letdown. I thought it would be exciting. I was wrong.

This is the personal page of sciencesteven and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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