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I'm so not lovin this.

Submitted by Thinker1995

Submitted by lambo1974

Submitted by Keiko
RONALD: Wha...what are you doing??? COP 1: Sorry, it's the law. COP 2: Bush didn't get the toy he wanted in his Happy Meal.

Submitted by geninkitty
JUST IN: The police finally found out what ELSE is in the McNuggets.

Submitted by labbie
Does this mean we failed the inspection?

Submitted by glowtmickey
Trading in the red-and-white for the black-and-white, eh Donald? tsk, tsk.... Well, you're already half way!

Submitted by bookwrmKP

Submitted by 1deadcat

Submitted by wannamarryharry
Ronald has been accused of charges such as shooting local birds to use in the McNuggets...

Submitted by JohnnyMcJohn
you always tell every body put a smile on now wheres your freakin smile

Submitted by quizking101
We know your working with the Hamburglar

Submitted by BlackYoshi123
we got u now stiff! back to mcdonalds arches you go!

Submitted by soggyfroggy5
Little Children, A Big NoNo Ronald!!

Submitted by OVGLEN47

Submitted by
i only wanted to see if they have McBuglars in there!

Submitted by whizz
I'm telling you it's a setup...ask the Hamburgular where he was last night...I have an alibi..I was with The Dairy Queen...ask her..ASSSK HERRR! I need my lawyer!!!!

Submitted by
Would you like FREE kidsmeal?With TWO toys?

Submitted by katangirl16
what happens when ronald mcdonald bears a slight resemblance to michael jackson...

Submitted by
the new michael jackson

Submitted by mamamea
and tonight on cops

Submitted by supposttobework
Chicken MgNuggets are is one thing...but choking your chicken in public is another

Submitted by chokechicken
I swear, it naturally grows in my back yard!

Submitted by akl21
It wasn't me, I swear! I didn't make Amaerica fat... It was the Hamburglar!

Submitted by bliondieboo94
"Hands off the clown coppers!! MickeyD ain't gonna like this!

Submitted by anniebee
All right, save that "Special Sauce" stuff for the judge!

Submitted by tpg76
Of all the crimes hes committed, like killing millions worldwide with the "low-fat" foods he gets busted for scaring a kid at McDonald's.

Submitted by pinkkittygirl98
If you will just let me show you some ID, I'm sure we can straighten this misunderstanding up.

Submitted by themightym
Arrested for telling kids that are O.K

Submitted by gcalz
the secret was out, ronald mc donald WAS putting arsenic in the buns.

Submitted by homaphobic
I'm not lovin it.

Submitted by cutegagangel
He was in his McBirthday suit in the play center

Submitted by Omaha345
Ok! Ok! I put drugs in the kids meals. I'm sorry!!!

Submitted by Lightning23

Submitted by Ammer

Submitted by Mitty44
our food is just what we find on the egd of the rode but so what even arbys dose it

Submitted by beenz
okay how bout free big macs for a year.

Submitted by monstermash420
Hello kidsies I'm McArrested in jailsies so do good stuffsies with your lifesies and yousies won't be in jailsies like I am for the restsies of your lifesies *insane laughing*

Submitted by MDCTeasers
pushin them McPills too hard

Submitted by
Damn kids. This is the fifth time this week they've stolen Ronald.

Submitted by gunblade
Thanks! I almost stepped in that!

Submitted by New_Guy
I told you Hamburglar did it!!

Submitted by
You're under arrest for killing millions with fatty fries and Big Mac's

Submitted by riku227
I just gave him a meal

Submitted by DevilKid
When good clowns go bad...on the next Maury.

Submitted by orangesali
Ronald, you are under arrest for scaring children on the bench!

Submitted by tintiniscool
And next on Channel 9 news: Ronald McDonald busted with drugs. Whether or not he bought it from Hamburglar is still being investigated.

Submitted by digit1chick1989
Wardrobe Malfunction! I swear!

Submitted by h-hcloud
We've got a hostage. And man is he scary.

Submitted by Master_Yoda
Come on officers... Hamburgler set me up! I swear it!

Submitted by
Cop 1: it's what you get for hanging out w/ the hamburgler...Cop 2: tsk tsk tsk.... and we thought you were the good one... huff

Submitted by punk4ever
Okay, okay! I'll put doughnuts on the Menu!

Submitted by Cheergrl13
The children completely misunderstood when Ronald offered them a "Happy Meal".

Submitted by Hrsemn4
Too much McBourbon.

Submitted by bugkillerbubba
The day Ronald McDonald smiled for the last time

Submitted by malory55
Please! Stop! I'm guilty!

Submitted by nascarfan19
You never asked me to specify what KIND of 'nuggets' I sell...

Submitted by iamzim
Hahah, you just got McServed!

Submitted by cookon
im sorry i didn't mean to spill the coffee on her pleeeeese nooooo

Submitted by brainglewashed
Just in: the escaped convict has been captured!!!

Submitted by

Submitted by IMPAUDITOR2
And finally the hamburglar was cleared on all charges.

Submitted by snowman
Honestly i didn't do anything, just touched some kids..

Submitted by Azndrago
It had to happen eventually

Submitted by Seth66
well he definitely isnt being charged with resisting arrest

Submitted by hollaatchagirl
Police ordering a McBreakfast at 11:01 take "No" very badly

Submitted by MrIxolite
Thats the last time you show off your McNuggets in this park buddy.

Submitted by tedrington

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