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Mustapha was later prosecuted for waving his ass about in public

Submitted by MrIxolite
"Get your ass down from there, right now!"

Submitted by mojorisinhi
Donkey: "I can fly! I can fly!" Owner: "I told you he could talk!"

Submitted by cuteness
oy... not again!

Submitted by Megze_14
Why Fed Ex was initially a failure.

Submitted by johnnypquest
Im just gonna hang out for a little while and be a lazy ass

Submitted by
thats how you jack an ass

Submitted by
Zero HorsePower

Submitted by
We're gonna need a bigger donkey...

Submitted by
You've seen a horsefly, maybe even a superfly, but you ain't never seen a donnkeyfly! Uh oh...

Submitted by srpwuzhere
To confuse the enemy. Czechen rebels developed a missile that slightly resembles a donkey.

Submitted by
Ahmed, this new parking brake works great!

Submitted by
Ever heard of High School Musical's 'Breaking Free' ? That was my inspiration!!!

Submitted by kiTykat111
First they tell us to NOT put the cart in front of the horse...

Submitted by gunshotgreeneye
You may have even seen a superfly..but i bet you ain't never seen a "donkeyfly"

Submitted by
He-ey! This is NOT what I bargained for!

Submitted by Winner4600
hey, get your ASS down here now!

Submitted by Cheergrl13
what an ass

Submitted by BettieB
saddly, bill's dreams of becoming one of Santa's riegndeer were never realized.

Submitted by wizecracker55
WOW now that is a nice ASS Mr.Muhamed

Submitted by RAGDOLL13
Not going anywhere for a while? grab a snickers.

Submitted by aer353s
Kalim loves showing off the new hydrolics that he installed on his donkey cart.

Submitted by ResRedneck
What a pain in the ass...

Submitted by Sunny_April
Iraq Mobilizes

Submitted by

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