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"Hey Bob, when I said I wanted a CARPOOL, I was talking about our ride to work!!"

Submitted by reptile5000
So, is this covered by the insurance?

Submitted by Quickq
someone didn't take drivers ed

Submitted by peace
San Andreas Times THE MUSCLE HAS GONE BEZERK After landing his '84 Grocery-Go-Getter into a shallow 5 feet deep back yard pool, the Mscle, as he is known, has yet again eluded the police. The homeowners are glad to have a floating island.

Submitted by bjiggy1
Myth busted, a car will not float if filled with airheads.

Submitted by chunkylover742
I just told the architect I wanted a unique garage.

Submitted by buster
Ted Kennedy strikes again!

Submitted by kno1
it just came out of no where...landed right in the pool....Harry did tell Ron it was a bad idea to take his dads flying car.

Submitted by Werekat
From the makers of Chia Pet...

Submitted by barazotto
The chitty chitty bang bang remake has gone wrong

Submitted by DaleGriffin
Now when you said this car had a lot of buoyonce what exactly did you mean

Submitted by Maighread27
House Listing: Comes with pool and free car!

Submitted by phrebh
"Hey Bob, when I said I wanted a CARPOOL, I was talking about our ride to work!!"

Submitted by joshmayesh
Hello, OnStar?

Submitted by cyberstar5150
i knew marrying a blonde wasnt a good idea......

Submitted by nelsondabomb
I tried to warn ya, if you keep pumping the gas you're gonna flood it.

Submitted by jaycr

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