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see?!?! i'm not a hamster! I'm one of those singing chipmunks... "...oo ee oo ah ah..."

Submitted by veltria
If I was a chipmunk, not a hamster, I'd make so much more money.

Submitted by geccco
You have to hand it to him he really knows how to step up to the mike....or in his case, sit up!

Submitted by bbygrl01
The next American Idol winner.....M.C. Hamster

Submitted by Superman1969
Alvin, get ready for the HAMSTER man!!!

Submitted by kittycoo8
someone had to take Micheal Jackson's spot in his band.

Submitted by agkaya1
accepting his grammy:first i would like to thank my parents , cheesus ,and all my fans....really i'm just speechless

Submitted by june12
one blind mouse, one blind mouse, see how it sings, see how it sings

Submitted by LOvE_mE_haTe_ME
I have no dick...lalalala.........I'm a mouse

Submitted by C00k1334t3r
And now the...... HAMSTER DANCE uh doi du dah di du dah doi du de dah do dedahdodi...

Submitted by brainglewashed
I get no respect. Know what I mean? This morning when I put on my underwear I could hear the Fruit of the Loom guys laughing at me.

Submitted by Scubee
"Thank you,thank you,thankyou very much..."

Submitted by maggie
"Smelly cat, Smelly cat-what are they feeding you?"

Submitted by amandapnds
"Rats" spelled backwards is "Star"!

Submitted by E-man
Hit me baby one more time!

Submitted by beatlesman12
"A-mouse-ican Idol"

Submitted by Narnian
Do you really want to hurt me.....Do you really want to ...MAKE ME CRY!!!!

Submitted by duhclyde43210
"Everybody was kung-fu fighting...."

Submitted by luckylefty
American Idol Hamster edition!

Submitted by AndrewWalker
now presenting my cousins- alvin and the chipmunks!

Submitted by rexlamos
Watch out Britney you got competition.

Submitted by BorgQueen
"I ain't nothin but a ground hog"

Submitted by wizecracker55
this one is for my brother who was killed by a cat....I MISS YOU BRO

Submitted by catsarecool
American Idol: mouse edition

Submitted by Gamer_chic07
"I like big butts and I cannot lie"

Submitted by Swordfairy
The Hair growing solution they used to get Britney's hair back worked a little too well

Submitted by dannyuk23
Who knew!!

Submitted by marthaworrell

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