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Mommy, the couch ate my brother!!!

Submitted by mitch2007
the new camouflage couches, coming soon to a store near u

Submitted by TrivaDiva9898
S.L.E.E.P. (or Strategic Low-visibility Energy Escalation Procedure)

Submitted by rbarnes46970
It took Bobby about 40 years to realize that the war was over. It took us another 10 years to find him.

Submitted by jsdodgers
Mommy, where is Bobby? Did the couch try and eat him again? Wait he's gone...YES THANKYOU COUCH! Oh wait nevermind there he is. Crap.

Submitted by AnimeLuvr
DAD: ahh im going to sit down and watch tv on the couch. soilder: OUUUUUCHHHHHH!!!!!!! I THINK U BROKE MY NECK

Submitted by rrp11
This was part of basic training: blending in with your surroundings. Works well at my in-law's house too.

Submitted by nikle
The salesman said the color would hid all the dirst and dust. It took us over a year to realized the salesman was a part of the deal.

Submitted by gettalife
Cpl. Smith shortly after his wife Febrezed the couch.

Submitted by sloane
The last time we played hide & seek was over two years ago... And we still can't find Billy!

Submitted by Creamy_Suga
Determined to squeeze in his Sunday afternoon nap, Bob sinks to a new low to avoid his wife.

Submitted by Scubee
...And the National hide-and-seek contest has begun...

Submitted by fishfingerfan
I guess there was no where else to hide the body.

Submitted by fall_out_girl97
Recent military training: The war against dust bunnies.

Submitted by vg674
Where's Waldo?

Submitted by caulker

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