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When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not...

Submitted by Hrsemn4
20 years of drinking water out of the toilet has taken a toll on Precious.

Submitted by goon
This is your dog on drugs....any questions?

Submitted by gettalife
After his 15 minutes of fame, the Taco Bell dog was shuffled from kennel to kennel and the Chalupa addiction was just to hard to hard to kick.

Submitted by Tassey25
Apparently the force isn't with Master Yoda after all.

Submitted by themightym
This is what happens when Yoda stays out in the sun too long.

Submitted by
Look how pretty I am.

Submitted by 976cs
5 years of beauty sleep has finally payed off.

Submitted by beatlesman12
Someone get me my sunglasses and some water.

Submitted by Marklg
Flaaaaaaavor flaaaaav!

Submitted by xnyl77
'I told you I wasn't a morning person'

Submitted by
See kids? That is why you should not smoke.

Submitted by saelle138
Paris Hiltion: Tinkerbell, I told you not to act like mommy.

Submitted by Dorkywaffle
Which end of the dog are we looking at?

Submitted by oddrey
kids...this is what happens when you're on crack!

Submitted by DragonLuv13
I have seen that dog in the guiness book of records. His name is Yoda. JOKE (Yoda the dog walks into ugliest dog contest.) WOOF! (translation: I would like to enter in the competition.) (Enrollment guy) Sorry. No proffesionals.... HAHAHAHA!

Submitted by Smarty_Pants321
nobody has ever heard of yodas first pet dogda. "woof he does."

Submitted by twilight
I told you ... never, EVER feed them after midnight, but did you listen? Nooooo ...

Submitted by rbarnes46970
Why does everyone think I'm a gremlin? That's such a steriotype.

Submitted by wannamarryharry
The poor little dog. Paris Hilton hasn't taken you out of your bag for years.

Submitted by sammydj
gross! horseradish!

Submitted by gcalz
I just won another award. I know what you are thinking, " congrats. That's wonderful!" Wait till you here for what! Ugliest dog in the world!!!

Submitted by jingles01
that was one bad treat... oh wait did you just say that wasn't a treat?

Submitted by elwxxxswimchick
Epic Fail

Submitted by
...And this concludes today's lecture on the harmful side effects of crack. Remember kids... live above the influence.

Submitted by Katie_go_bears
I know they say plastic surgery is never the solution but.......

Submitted by lolitsme

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