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Photo Caption Game

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I see London. I see France. I see the queen's underpants.

Submitted by New_Guy
Can you spot the hemorrhoid sufferer in this photo?

Submitted by hemorrhoids
"Harold, if you stare at the sun any longer your eyeballs will burn up."

Submitted by sashomarine
All of the years of "Wheres Waldo" is now taking its toll on Waldo.

Submitted by glowtmickey
Wooo, Jenkins! What a ripper!

Submitted by fatty_bear661
Nigel just couldn't support the weight of the big, fuzzy hat.

Submitted by luckylefty
That's not what I meant by "fall out".

Submitted by
"Ah ah ah! I didn't say "Simon says!'"

Submitted by Penedono
Edgar does his best Princess Diana impersonation. The Queen is not amused.

Submitted by irish1326
ah, the new kid.

Submitted by
if I said it once, I've said it a hundred times...Don't lock your knees!

Submitted by kjean
no, that was last years stategy,we changed it, its no longer lay down and play dead

Submitted by tachikaze0
After the fireworks went off in Euro-Disney, Commander Wilson could tell immediately who was recruited from France.

Submitted by cyberstar5150
HAHA!! i didnt say simone says!!

Submitted by not_to_bright
You know, i wonder why they never moved before...

Submitted by srpwuzhere
Late night again, Corporal?

Submitted by kooljam01
Hey Hank whats that smell. Hank?

Submitted by blaa

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