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"Thats....not....a gopher, Bob."

Submitted by squabkicker
Unsatisfied with American courses that just have sand traps and water hazards, the Russian course designer adds a new twist.

Submitted by Hrsemn4
18 Holes: $45 12 Golf Balls: $30 Having a bear maul your jerk of a boss on the 7th green: Priceless

Submitted by glenn222
You said "Golf" ... I said "OK" .... You said "7:30am" .... I said "Fine" ... You said "Bring bear" ....... or was it beer?

Submitted by wyoguy
So here at Survivor Golf, we just voted someone off the course and now we are down to three. Stay tune next week, where they have to get past the piranna water trap.

Submitted by Marklg
This is what happens when you won't give Yogi your pick-a-nick basket.

Submitted by hollymo
The Golden Bear decides to come out of retirement.

Submitted by rbarnes46970
Let's see, hat, ball, club, bear. BEAR?!?

Submitted by Lunasam
Caddy! The 4 Iron, and a new pair of pants.

Submitted by rocker94
They thought the windmill was tough!

Submitted by wndyg
When Smokey's ball goes out of bounds, the game stops being friendly.

Submitted by dswilborn
No, that's not Tiger Woods. It's his cousin, Bear Forrest.

Submitted by luckylefty
"Dave you fool! you can't outrun a bear!" "I don't have to. I just have to outrun you."

Submitted by legolaswindu
Looks like Joe's wife found him secretly playing golf again.

Submitted by jonisallama
Waaaaait fella's, I've found your ball!!!!!!

Submitted by
And thats when the zoo keeper finally realized what he forgot to do....

Submitted by Liawen

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